6 Artists Not Married, Still At Home Single in their 40s

unmarried artist

Like ordinary people, it turns out that there are also some artists in their 40s who are not yet married.

As is known, today, many people decide to get married because of age considerations. Not surprisingly, many people choose to get married at their productive age, namely at the age of 20 to 30 years.

However, there are also some people who choose to relax, not wanting to be based on age. They enjoy life as a single person even though they are no longer young, for example they are in their 40s.

Not only ordinary people, there are several artists who also choose to enjoy being single even though they are in their 40s. They are busy traveling, run a business, and focus on their careers.

Then, who are these unmarried artists? Launching various sources, here’s the full list.

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Indonesian Artists Who Have Not Married in their 40s

1. Mario Lawalata

The man whose full name is Mario Santo Michael Lawalata was born on May 3, 1980. Thus, currently, the son of Reggy Lawalata is 41 years old.

Even though he has reached the age of four, Mario still doesn’t seem to want to let go of his single life. In his Youtube channel he said that he had always found it difficult to find a suitable woman for him. He does not want to be picky in choosing a life partner.

“Until now nothing is right, there is always something wrong. Even though people always say that no human is perfect,” said Mario as quoted from The Lawalatas YouTube channel.

Oscar Lawalata’s sister admitted that she really picky in choosing a partner. He also admits that he still needs to learn a lot about life that can be used to prepare him for marriage.

“I am very happy and grateful even though I am not married, because I have learned a lot about life. I will be more prepared when I get married later,” he explained.

2. Indra Herlambang

6 Indonesian Artists Not Married in Their 40s, Still Enjoying Singleness

The famous gossip presenter, Indra Herlambang is the next unmarried artist figure.

The man who was born on March 16, 1946, has never indulged in his love affairs in the public sphere. Launching from Okezone.com, Indra admitted that he did not have a target for marriage.

Previously, he had set his own target to get married. Unfortunately, this target did not bear fruit. Therefore, he chose to surrender to God.

“If I think yes, it means never want to. Look, you’ve targeted twice, you’ve passed twice, then you don’t have to target the third time. Matches already have God who decides, really. You want to turn around. So okay, just relax, don’t think about it.

We don’t decide, really. We want to plan, we want to try, the important thing is that we make an effort, try to open our hearts, open ourselves, enrich ourselves and our souls, that’s the most important thing in my opinion,” said Indra as quoted from Okayzone.

However, he feels there is no problem having a single status at such a young age. For him, getting married at an old age is not a big problem.

“I, really, no problem, yes. I have a sister who is over 40 and has just had a child, that’s okay. because of this you know, when we say ‘oh you have children at an old age, you won’t be healthy anymore’. Well, yeah, don’t be unhealthy, please, God willing Amen, you are healthy, you take care of your health,” he said.

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3. Lola Amaria, Unmarried Artist Who Still Enjoys Singleness

unmarried artist

The famous director and artist Lola Amaria also seems to still feel at home being single.

Director Sunday Morning at Victoria Park This one is now 44 years old. However, he never had a problem with his status.

Launching from PopMagz, Lola didn’t hesitate to open up about the reason she wasn’t married yet. He said marriage was not a priority for him.

“That (wedding) matters later, yes. And I’ve never had a problem with status either,” said Lola, quoted from Tabloidstar.com. He even said that he was comfortable with his status because he was not overshadowed by dreams of being married.

“I’m comfortable with myself without having to dream here and there,” he said. She also emphasized that there are many things that can be done as a single woman. He can go anywhere and be himself, there are no restrictions or restrictions on these things.

“I can go anywhere, I can be myself, and I can do what I like,” he said.

4. Tika Panggabean

6 Indonesian Artists Not Married in Their 40s, Still Enjoying Singleness

The next unmarried artist is Tika Panggabean. The only Project Pop personnel is indeed almost 50 years old.

However, he still seems to enjoy being single. He was born on October 3, 1970 so he is already 51 years old.

In several statements in the mass media, Tika said that she was very relaxed in dating matters. He said that he surrendered to God for this one business.

5. Vicky Burki

unmarried artist

The name Vicky Burki may already be familiar to Indonesian people. The artist who was born on June 17, 1964, often plays antagonist characters in various soap opera titles.

Not only that, he is also a famous Indonesian gymnastics instructor. This year, Vicky is 57 years old. However, he still chooses to be single.

Launching from Tribunnews, Vicky admitted that he had not found a suitable figure to be a partner.

“Because they haven’t found the right one,” Vicky Burki said to Tribunnews.

Although single, he admitted that he had been in a relationship with several people. However, he chose not to reveal the relationship in the public sphere. He also admitted that he was used to living alone and enjoying it.

“Vicky is not someone who wants to get married quickly, afraid that they won’t sell well, no. Maybe because of the slab okay enjoy himself,” he explained.

When asked about the specific criteria, Vicky admitted that he did not have the criteria for a partner until now. He left everything to God alone.

“Many people want this and that, when God decides, it’s very different from what they want. If it’s me now, if it’s given by God, I’ll accept it,” he said.

“Maybe when God gives us 60 years, we will be friends for life and friends to talk to. Yes Vicky happy there are mom, dad, brother, sister, family, and friends,” he added.

6. Unmarried Indonesian Artist, Thomas Djorghi

6 Indonesian Artists Not Married in Their 40s, Still Enjoying Singleness

Unlike his brother, Thomas Djorghi embraced Christianity.

Indonesian model, singer and actor Thomas Djorghi also chose not to get married. However, the man who has turned 51 years old admits he is very happy even though he doesn’t have a partner yet. This he conveyed on Venna Melinda’s Youtube channel.

“I’m happy with my current situation. I’m afraid that later, what about it, if I get married it’s not necessarilyhappy now,” he said.

Like other artists, Thomas did not want to get married just because of the demands of age. He prefers to remain alone rather than being forced to marry in order to catch up with his age.

“If I’m not ready, it’s better not to. I don’t want to lie to people, hurt people’s hearts, what do I do? I’m happy in my current state,” said Thomas. However, it is undeniable that he often feels lonely.

“There is sometimes dead style, loneliness. Very human, right? But yes, kill him by, if there is more sustenance, flying abroad. Last year, before the pandemic, I visited 26 countries, I didn’t go home. Only four days at the longest in Jakarta, continue to fly again,” admitted Thomas.

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Well, that’s some artists who are not married even though they are 40 years old. From them we can see that age is not the main criterion in marriage. Also, being single doesn’t mean they’re unhappy. Because basically, getting married is also an option for each individual.

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