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Portrait of Puan Maharani with Megawati.  Photo: Instagram

Humanitarian activist, Natalius Pigai answered allegations that he was playing with Puan Maharani in the narrative of the attack on Ganjar Pranowo. The accusation emerged as Puan’s WA message went viral ordering Pigai to kill Ganjar Pranowo.

Politician Teddy Gusnaidi suspected that WA Puan’s message to pay Rp. 5 billion to Pigai to kill Ganjar, could be true. Puan borrows Pigai’s words to attack and bring down Ganjar’s name.

Pigai is embarrassed about 5M

Responding to the accusation, Pigai said he was ashamed to talk about money for the sake of position and power. Pigai says he doesn’t want him to serve money and power, he’s better off serving a small community.

Portrait of Puan Maharani with Megawati. Photo: Instagram

“So this is what I’m ashamed of. I am a defender of humanity, I’d rather leave money, position and power than not defend a small community. I have proven that,” he said in tvOne’s Democracy Note, quoted on Wednesday, October 6, 2021.

Regarding the accusation that he was playing with Puan to kill Ganjar, Pigai said he had great respect for Puan Maharani. Even though he has never met or made phone contact and doesn’t know him, Pigai still respects Megawati Soekarnoputri’s daughter. In fact, Pigai said that he had never criticized Puan and Megawati.

“In my whole life I have never criticized Megawati because she really respects her. I study politics and also I respect Puan. You can check my digital footprint, never criticize Mega and Mrs. These two have great characters,” he said.

When it comes to money and power, Pigai guarantees that he will not be tempted by the lure of Rp5 billion. The former commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission said that if you want to pursue power and position, it’s easy. He just has to praise Jokowi, it’s okay to get a position.

“I’m ashamed that I was given 5M, Natalis’ class. You can check, people offer me money and power. Why am I criticizing? Jokowi often calls me. Why am I angry, just flattery (Jokowi) is done,” he said.

Ms. Pay Pigai’s narrative

Previously, after there were many allegations of Pigai’s tweets being racist to the people of Central Java and Jokowi Ganjar, a narration of Puan Maharani’s WA message to hire Pigai appeared.

In that narration, Puan Maharani has ordered Natalius Pigai to kill Ganjar in Central Java.

“Joss!! Puan’s orders worth Rp 5 billion to Pigai: ‘Mas Pigai, please finish off the work of the white monkeys in Central Java!’ Puan Maharani has the heart to kill Ganjar through the black monkey Pigai,” such is the narrative.

Pranowo reward.  Photo: Antara
Pranowo reward. Photo: Antara

The message, which is not clearly known who the person who sent it was, added that the mastermind behind Puan’s order was the Chairperson of the PDIP DPP for Election Winning, Bambang Wuryanto.

“Drag Bambang Pacul’s brain kang shabu!” continue the message.

For information, Natalius Pigai accused President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo of racism. here

This accusation was first made by Natalius Pigai through his Twitter account @NataliusPigai2.

“Don’t trust the people of Central Java, Jokowi & Ganjar. They robbed us of our wealth, they killed the people of Papua, trampled on the dignity of the Papuan people with lowly words, racism, monkeys and trash. We are not lowly. We fight injustice to the last drop of blood. Sy Against Injustice)” Pigai tweeted.

Responding to the narration of the WA message, Pigai just relaxed and didn’t get emotional.

“There have been a lot of racist fans with me, should I be angry? A lot of insults, should I be angry? Gusti Ora Sare,” say Natalius Pigai in a tweet on his social media network, quoted by Hops on Sunday, October 3, 2021.

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