Analysis of the Premier League Provisional Standings Without VAR Teknologi Technology

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“What if VAR was never used in English football? Here’s the table.”

1NEWS – The Premier League officially started using VAR technology in the 2019/2020 season. This is the assistant referee in football who is in charge of reviewing decisions on the pitch by viewing video footage.

Three seasons have passed, the use of VAR in the Premier League has had a huge impact on clubs and competitions. Initially, there was still a lot of controversy and confusion from players, coaches, spectators, observers, to the referee himself.

But, slowly everything changed. For this season the VAR controversy is getting less and less. Statistics also show that 25 percent more decisions change after a video intervention.

Then, what if VAR is not used in the 2021/2022 Premier League? Chelsea will remain at the top. But, with the addition of two points after winning at home to Liverpool without a penalty and Anthony Taylor’s red card for Reece James.

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In second place is Everton under Rafael Benitez. They will get an additional one point from the actual standings. That means the draw against Leeds United was replaced by a win against Manchester United. That’s because of the VAR intervention in both games.

Furthermore, what is quite surprising is the presence of Thomas Franks’ Brentford in third position. They are up four places from their actual position in the original standings.

The Bees will get an additional two points. It was from a 3-3 draw against Liverpool, which in the absence of VAR Brentford would have won 3-2. That’s because of the VAR intervention related to Mohamed Salah’s goal. At that time, the off side flag was raised before being reviewed on the monitor screen.

After Brentford, fourth place will be occupied by Manchester City, who must drop a point from VAR. Then, Liverpool followed behind The Citizens with a two-point VAR cut. Then, Manchester United, Brighton and Hove Albion, and Tottenham Hotspur followed suit.

For the bottom position, Norwich City remains where it is now, 20th position. Then, Southampton with an additional VAR point is in 19th position, followed by Newcastle United with an additional two points in 18th position. There is also Burnley in 17th position with an additional three points.

In addition to goals, VAR is also reviewing penalties. For example, when Mike Dean replaced James Ward-Prowse’s yellow card to a red card when Southampton met Chelsea. If it is totaled up to the seventh week, VAR has reviewed the giving of cards 23 times. That number is down from 31 times last season in the same period.

The number of goals disallowed by VAR has also decreased. So far there have only been seven goals reviewed on screen, while last season there were 10 goals.

Interestingly, West Ham United is the team that has benefited the most from VAR. The Hammers had three favorable decisions changed. While Newcastle had four VAR decisions that turned out to be detrimental.

But, of all the Premier League clubs, Burnley have been the most injured. The Clarets suffered a penalty against Arsenal and Chris Wood’s offside header against Leicester City. It cost them three points, which could actually take them out of the relegation zone.

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