Analysis of three CCTVs including that of neighbor Tuti Amel: The police are sure who the killer is – 1NEWS

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CCTV footage shown by Anjas.  Photo: Capture.

The analysis of three CCTV footage related to the murder of Tuti Amel is increasingly convincing. From the results of the BAP and CCTV, it is believed that the police are sure who the perpetrators of the murder of the mother and child are. However, the public is asked to be patient waiting for an official release from the police first.

The results of CCTV analysis in three places believe that one of the perpetrators involved in the murder of Tuti Amel is a woman wearing a headscarf. Yotuber Anjas on his YouTube channel Anjas in Thailand, explained the analysis of CCTV footage from two locations, namely CCTV footage from the Bandung Transportation Service and CCTV footage from Simpang Telkom Bandung.

The police are sure who did it

From the CCTV footage of the Transportation Service, it can be seen that the focus is on the white Avanza car and the blue NMax motorcycle. Anjas analyzed that the two vehicles were in a series and headed for a place together.

CCTV footage shown by Anjas. Photo: Capture.

Anjar’s focus is on the motorcyclist who is suspected to be a blue NMax, one driver is wearing a helmet and the passenger is suspected to be a woman wearing a headscarf.

According to Anjas, the suspected NMax motorcycle passenger recorded on CCTV owned by the police is probably a woman with a veil.

“If we compare several pictures, I suspect that I am very sure that the veiled woman is riding a motorcycle with the man in a series with the white Avanza,” he said, quoted from the Anjas channel in Thailand, Thursday, October 7, 2021.

The belief that the driver of the blue NMax motorcycle is a woman wearing a headscarf is in accordance with the testimony of an employee at a car wash located a few hundred meters to the east of the scene of the murder of the mother and child.

As is well known, car wash employees have been shown CCTV footage that police took of a woman in a headscarf throwing something in the car wash bin on the morning of the murder.

“From the testimony of the witness, the car wash which is located across from Mrs. Juhaeti Harun’s house, the witness said that he had seen the CCTV directly from the police when the location was visited by a sniffer dog. There was a woman wearing a headscarf, throwing something into a garbage box that jutted inside,” he explained.

That’s why Anjas believes that from the combination of the two CCTV footage in Bandung and the CCTV at Juhaeti Harun’s house, Tuti Amel’s neighbor, the perpetrators will soon be revealed.

“I believe that the BAP and CCTV at least actually have a conviction on who the perpetrator is, but in the law, conviction is not enough, two pieces of evidence are needed,” he explained.

CCTV neighbor Tuti Amel

Well Anjar welcomed the help of Tuti Amel’s neighbor, Juhaeti Harun, who handed over two CCTV cameras at his residence to the police.

Juhaeti’s CCTV position recorded passing vehicles on Jalancagak, especially those passing through the east side of the victim’s house, which was about 200-300 meters away.

CCTV around Subang's murder
CCTV around Subang’s murder at Juhaeti Harun’s house. Youtube photo of Heri Susanto

Thus the police can match the data on the white Avanza and the blue NMax motorbike, which is strongly suspected to be the perpetrator of the murder of Tuti Amel.

Meanwhile, Juhaeti admitted that she was ready to support the police’s steps, including taking her two CCTV cameras for investigation purposes.

Juhaeti said the police had twice asked for his CCTV to be analyzed.

“In my heart I originally objected, right (CCTV) was located in a private room, yes, but as a good and law-abiding citizen, I am obliged to help, I am welcome, we must not hinder as far as we can help, we will help,” said Juhaeti who is a retiree and is now an organic pesticide entrepreneur quoted from Youtube Heri Susanto

Juhaeti also asked netizens and the public to be patient and confident with the police investigation. Don’t assume it’s wild.

“We understand and give time to the police, they are very serious, from Polres to Polda to Police Headquarters it is very extraordinary, I really respect the police, netizens don’t make assumptions, let the police work, don’t interfere with those who work every night very seriously, Juhaeti ordered.

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