Angry about the news of death, Roy Kiyoshi will police the news maker

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Roy Kiyoshi's Instagram Stories.  (Instagram)

1NEWS – Another celebrity has died. This time it’s turn Roy Kiyoshi. Through news circulating on the TikTok application, it was reported that Robby Purba’s best friend had died.

To corroborate the news, a photo of Roy with an IV tube in his nose was posted, lying on the bed with his eyes closed. Roy was seen wearing a black T-shirt.

Roy Kiyoshi confirmed that the news was a hoax. Until now he claimed to be healthy and still alive. Therefore, furious with the news, he plans to take legal action.

“I reiterate once again, against the news that is buzzing on Tiktok today, that I am healthy and have not died,” firmly has the ability indigo quoted from Instagram Stories, Tuesday (6/10).

Roy Kiyoshi’s Instagram Stories. (Instagram)

“For those who make the news, I will proceed to legal channels. Thank you,” carry on Roy which doesn’t seem to be kidding.

Roy Kiyoshi is not the first celebrity who is rumored to have died and turned out to be a hoax. Previously there were Anang Hermansyah, Ruben Onsu, Ifan Seventeen, Ivan Gunawan, Elvy Sukaesih, and Gary Iskak.

They are reported to have died for various reasons. Some are due to illness, accident, sudden, and others. As of today they are all fine and healthy.

Roy himself once predicted that he would die before the age of 40. The cause is tragic, he was poisoned through food. By whom he did not mention.



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