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Not Cans! Aurel Changes Gucci Hats Twice in a Day

Dream – After getting married on April 3, 2021, the celebrity couple Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah left for Bali for their honeymoon using a private jet.

The moment was uploaded to Instagram Story. Aurel also re-uploaded several Instagram stories showing her togetherness with her husband.

In addition to seeing the happy moments of the new couple, it feels less if you don’t pay attention to the style applied during the honeymoon.

Several times, they look harmonious wearing all white clothes. Not to forget, the @outfit_aureliehermansyah account also revealed some of the accessories worn.

Gucci Aurel Hermansyah hat© Instagram @outfit_aureliehermansyah

One of them is a Gucci branded hat. The 22-year-old singer wore two different Gucci hats with a price tag of over IDR 7 million.

Gucci Aurel Hermansyah hat© Instagram @outfit_aureliehermansyah

The two hats worn are the Gucci Logo for IDR 7,250,000 and the Doraemon x Gucci Bucket Hat for IDR 8,555,000.

Seeing the fantastic price of the hat, netizens were surprised and began to guess why the accessories were so expensive.

This is a very big SPF so that I can’t get ultra violet or skin cancer, is it true?er,” said @mylittlepumpkin.

Masyaallah in the village, buy goats, get three..,” commented

Oh my god just hats 7 million I fainted,” said @ekaa.saari.

Wow…my poor soul is struggling,” said @mama.yana3

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