Asked about the couple’s criteria, Ariel Tatum alludes to the duration

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Ariel Tatum (Seno/

1NEWS – Romance story Ariel Tatum always a question of many people. Not only netizens, fellow public figures also have a high curiosity regarding Ariel Tatum’s love life.

It can be seen when the movie player Finished it was present as a guest star of the show Tonight Show Premiere which airs exclusively on the YouTube platform. Hesti Purwadinata, one of the host the event had questioned the status Ariel Tatum at the moment.

“Now Ariel still single?” asked Hesti.Single,” answered Ariel Tatum straightforwardly.

The conversation then developed regarding the criteria for the partner that Ariel Tatum wanted. Again, Hesti Purwadinata who seemed curious about this.

Ariel Tatum (Seno/1NEWS)

However, instead of directly answering, Ariel Tatum then mentioned the duration of the event which would be very long if he described in detail about the desired partner.

“Oops, it’s difficult. The duration must be longer,” said Ariel Tatum.

Not wanting the duration of the event to be too long, Ariel Tatum summarized the answer. For him, marriage is God’s business which is full of mysteries.

“I used to have the type, ‘I think I like this, like this’, but after doing it nothing has worked. So I feel mate returns to God and the universe just,” he said.

Don’t wanna box men, Ariel Tatum claimed to be open with anyone who wanted to approach him. “We only open our hearts to anyone who knocks and wants to enter,” he said ending the discussion.


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