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These three local coaches were able to bring their team to achieve good results in the first series of Liga 1 2021, amid the hex of teams using foreign coaches.

The highest caste football competition in Indonesia, Liga 1 2021, has finished holding the first series which lasts for six weeks.

Starting on Friday, 27 August 2021, the first series ended on Sunday, 03 October 2021. A number of big-name teams reaped many surprising results.

Like Persipura Jayapura, which is currently still stuck in the relegation zone, as well as the difficulty of Persib Bandung winning in four consecutive matches.

Persipura Jayapura currently ranks 16th with a collection of 5 points as a result of one win, two draws and three defeats. They are threatened with relegation if this minor result continues in the second series.

Meanwhile, Persib had pushed to second place in the 2021 Liga 1 standings in the first weeks, but now Maung Bandung has to fall to fifth place with 10 points.

The results were obtained from two wins, and four consecutive draws since week 3.

The top position itself is filled by Bhayangkara FC who leads the 2021 Liga 1 standings, with 16 points from five wins and one draw.

Followed by PSIS Semarang in 2nd place with 12 points, and Bali United in 3rd place with 12 points only losing on goal difference to PSIS. And in 4th place is Persija with 10 points.

Interestingly, in the top five, almost all clubs are managed by foreign coaches. So what will happen to the local coach and his team in the first 2021 Liga 1 series?

Not all local coaches achieve bad results. There are also some of them who are able to bring their team to get good results. Who are they?

Imran Nahumarury
The success of PSIS Semarang in ending the first series of Liga 1 2021 in 2nd place in the standings, proves that the ability of local coaches is not inferior in quality.

This season, Laskar Mahesa Jenar was created by former Indonesian national team player, Imran Nahumarury. Unexpectedly, he brought PSIS to perform well until the 6th week of Liga 1 2021.

PSIS started the competition this season with a win against Persela with a score of 1-0. Then he was detained for three matches by top teams, Persija Jakarta (2-2), Arema FC (0-0) and Madura United (0-0).

However, PSIS managed to improve its performance, and again won the other two matches against Persiraja (3-1) and Persebaya Surabaya (3-2).

PSIS is the only team trained by local coaches who have not been defeated in the top four, while the other four teams have been coached by foreign coaches (Bhayangkara FC, Bali United, Persija, Persib).

Widodo C Putro

Widodo C Putro again proved his quality in the 2021 Liga 1 competition with Persita Tangerang. After being able to lead Bali United to the championship, now he brings the Cisadane Warriors to a team that is difficult to beat.

Until the 6th week of the 2021 League, Persita is in 8th position. Previously they had pushed into the top three.

Despite their slumped position, in terms of appearance, Persita became one of the teams trained by local coaches and performed quite well.

They have won two of their six matches, drawn two and lost twice.

The victory was won by Persita from the 2005 Indonesian League champions, Persipura with a score of 2-1. They also managed to hold a 1-1 draw with Persija studded with stars.

Rahmad Darmawan

Finally, there is the name Rahmad Darmawan. One of the best local coaches in the country, was able to bring Madura United back up after the first few weeks of bad results.

Even Madura United had fallen into the relegation zone. A series of bad results at the beginning, where they were difficult to win (2 draws, 1 loss) made Rahmad Darmawan’s position at that time threatened.

Because Madura United is inhabited by a number of star players but failed to perform optimally. But now slowly their position began to crawl up, ranks 10th with a collection of 7 points.

Although in the last six matches they have only been able to win once, Madura United’s position as one of the teams trained by local coaches is much better, than other teams under them who are trained by local coaches.

For example, Aji Santoso’s Persebaya ranks 12th with 6 points (2 wins, 4 losses). And Persela made by Iwan Setiawan occupies the 13th position with 6 points (2 wins, 4 losses).

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