Central KONI Speaks About COVID-19 Cases at PON Papua

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ACCURATE.CO Chairman of the Central Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Marciano Norman spoke about the COVID-19 case found at the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON).

According to him, the most important thing about COVID-19 cases is handling them.

“We, athletes, officials and all supporters came to Papua around 12-15 thousand people. That in that large number there were several athletes who were exposed to COVID, the important thing was the procedure for handling it,” said Marciano when meeting the media crew in Jayapura. , Wednesday (6/10/2021).

According to him, currently the Papua Health Service and all elements related to PB PON already have procedures for handling COVID-19 cases.

Marciano explained that the athletes who were exposed to COVID-19 were in good condition and without any symptoms at all and were expected to recover in a short time.

“So the Papuan Health Service with all elements related to the health of PB PON, they already have a procedure on how to treat athletes who are exposed to COVID, they are taken to a hospital or self-isolate in one place,” he said.

Marciano emphasized that athletes exposed to COVID-19 were generally asymptomatic. Even some of them are in very fit condition, so it is certain that they will recover in the near future.

“The average athlete is in good condition and they are generally asymptomatic so they can recover in a short time and can go home,” said Marciano.

The retired TNI officer further explained that the average athlete is known to be exposed to COVID-19 when undergoing a PCR test because he will return to his area from Papua.

He hopes that the current media can see the condition as clearly as possible and the Papua PON can continue to run according to its agenda.

“Most of the athletes who were exposed to it wanted to go home, so when the PCR test was positive, I hope that my friends from the media can see this condition as clearly as possible and this National Sports Week will continue according to its agenda,” explained Marciano.

Previously, it was reported that six XX/2021 PON athletes in Papua who competed in various arenas in Jayapura had tested positive for COVID-19.

Head of the Jayapura City Health Office, dr. Nyoman Antari in Jayapura, Tuesday (5/10/2021) admitted that the six athletes who were positive for the new corona virus came from various provinces who are currently competing in PON XX Papua.


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