Children’s Story Selling for the sake of Family and School, Salut!

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Hello, this is the story of children who are willing to sell for the sake of school and their families

The main task of a child is to learn and spend childhood time playing. However, due to economic factors, not a few children are also selling for the sake of the family. They finally have to be good at managing time so that they can continue to study in the midst of limited conditions.

Indeed, not all families can exist in ideal conditions and have facilities to support children in school. Choosing not only to surrender to circumstances, some children also struggle to survive while helping the family economy. Selling is a way that is considered quite easy for these children to get halal sustenance.

After school or even on the sidelines of school activities, these children take the opportunity to peddle their wares. His determination and struggle often amaze many people.

There were also netizens who finally captured the moment and shared it through social media pages. Until finally, the children became known in cyberspace.

Who are they and what is the story?

The Story of Haru Children Selling for the sake of the Family

Child of Cilok Seller


Around 2019, there was an elementary school kid who went viral on social media for selling cilok. He went to school selling cilok until he brought a bicycle to transport his wares.

After being traced, apparently he was an orphan. He only lives with his brother and two younger siblings in South Tangerang. In order to survive, he also sells during breaks.

When he came home from school, he continued his wares by walking around. The boy often sells until late at night and comes home late.

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The Child Who Sells Petai

Hello, this is the story of children who are willing to sell for the sake of school and their families

Source: Instagram @rina.senja1.

To help the economy, a 6th grade elementary school child is willing to sell petai. It is Pian whose story is shared on the @rina.senja1 account.

This story has only recently been experienced, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Due to this pandemic condition, schools do not hold face-to-face learning to require online learning.

The boy admitted that he did not have electronic devices such as cellphones so he always went to school to pick up books. On his way, he used the time to sell petai.

This viral story has finally received rave reviews. Many people ended up donating to Pian so that he could go to school more comfortably.

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Selling Crackers After School

Child Selling For Family

Source: Instagram

Quoting from the Instagram account, a boy who is still in school is seen selling his wares at a red light. When the school is still face-to-face, he is seen wearing a scout uniform, offering merchandise to vehicles that stop at red lights.

He sells it after school. The child is often seen selling, especially at the Summarecon Bekasi intersection.

His story is also viral, not a few who praise his determination and struggle to help the family economy.

Chicken Selling Boy

Child Selling For Family

Source: Instagram @beritainaja

The enthusiasm for learning does not seem to fade when a child helps his parents. Through the Instagram page @beritainaja, a girl is seen helping her mother sell chicken in the market.

He helps serve customers when someone comes to buy merchandise. When there are no customers, he looks busy studying. Even though the market conditions seemed crowded, the child was still very diligent in studying.

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Those are the stories of selling children’s struggles for the sake of their families. The stories of the children above are truly inspiring because of their extraordinary struggles.


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