Danilo is ready to stay at Juventus even though he is currently being offered by Bayern Munich

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1NEWS – Juventus is now considered very chaotic after experiencing ups and downs, especially in Serie A. Even though usually Juve often start the Serie A competition very well. But it is a pity that now Juventus has turned into a drop in the quality of the game.

Not only that, the factor of decreasing the quality of players is also the main problem for Juventus in this 2021/2022 season. Many Juve players are now also considered less qualified, especially in the line of playmakers.

Juventus this season is often referred to as a club that does not implement the vision of the game. Not only that, Juve are now also quite often hit by criticism because they are considered not creative by their playmakers. Therefore, improvements must be made by Juventus while the competition has just entered its 7th week.

The first thing that is currently being done by Juventus is to try to keep the players who are considered vital. This action aims to prevent Juve from spending too much money next season to buy players.

Juventus Willing To Keep Danilo

Defense will be the most focused on the management of the Old Lady next season. Because this season Juventus is quite often hit by problems in the line of defenders who are considered very fragile.

However, there are several defenders who according to the Juve coaches are still very vital and deserve to be maintained again for the next season. Reportedly the figure of Danilo will be the first player in the position of defender who will be desperately maintained by the Juve management.

This is because Danilo has been the most consistent player this season and is vital on the right. Danilo himself is mature enough both gamely and mentally because he was repeatedly given more trust by the coach.

Automatically, it’s no wonder that Juve this season are very afraid of losing the figure of Danilo considering that his team also wants to save money from a financial point of view. If Danilo is willing to stay, Juve will automatically not have to bother bringing in a new full-back next season.

Danilo continues to be courted by Bayern Munich

On the other hand, it is natural that Juventus are now quite panicked and afraid if Danilo leaves next season. Because Danilo is now being heavily targeted by the German giants Bayern Munich. Even Bayern Munich reportedly tried to make contact with Danilo’s agent to make his wish come true. Reportedly Bayern Munich are ready to approach Danilo intensely so that he is willing to join next season.

It’s even said Bayern Munich ready to tease Danilo and ask him to join in January if possible. In essence, Bayern Munich are ready to bring Danilo as soon as possible because the German giants are in dire need of a full defender. Reportedly Bayern Munich is ready to pour funds of around 30-40 million euros so that Danilo’s figure is willing to land.

Danilo Says He Will Stay at Juventus

Although now he is being heavily teased by Munich, Danilo stated that he is ready to serve Juve longer. Danilo is said to have become comfortable defending the Old Lady and wants to continue for the long term.

In addition, he also feels very comfortable with the Juventus game system. Therefore, it is not surprising that until now Danilo seems to close his eyes when there is an offer. Even Danilo flatly refused when offered by a big club like Bayern Munich.

This seems to be a big stumbling block for Munich, which is very eager to bring Danilo. Danilo’s statement also made the Juventus supporters feel a little relieved. Juve supporters hope that Danilo will keep his promise and be willing to stay.

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