Devano admitted that he was depressed until he almost committed suicide, Iis Dahlia gave this response

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Iis Dahlia.  Photo: Instagram

Iis Dahlia finally opened up about the statement of her son, Devano Danendra, who admitted that he was depressed. According to Iis, Devano was actually concerned about the bullying he received from netizens.

“So there’s a time to see his mother in-bully. He means sorry for his mother. Who is willing, he can’t do anything,” said Iis Dahlia, quoted from the Insertlive page on Wednesday (06/10/21).

Iis also said that his family’s condition is now harmonious and warm. “We are a harmonious and warm family, you have to see how we are at home,” he said.

The dancer, who is known for his thin mustache, also dismissed the news that he called untrue. He also prefers not to pay attention to what netizens say.

“That’s news. Now it’s 99% not true, only 1% is right… I’ll tell you. How to deal with netizens doesn’t need to be ignored, if netizens don’t know how to do it, Iis concluded.

Iis Dahlia. Photo: Instagram

Devano Danendra admitted that he was depressed and wanted to commit suicide

In a podcast with Onadio Leonardo, Devano himself admitted that he had felt depressed. The youngest son of Iis Dahlia feels that all of his works are not successful only because of the public’s perception of his mother.

“I’ve never felt depressed, sir. He almost (suicide). Because I feel I want to do anything, I want a career, I want to work, whatever I do, I make songs, I make films, but still, from all that I have done with all my heart, I feel like I never successful. People always think of me ‘Iis Dahlia’s child already which is Iis Dahlia is very, very arrogant, rude, and so on’,” he said as quoted from Langit Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

In fact, Devano also had time to ask Iis Dahlia to stop playing gimmicks on television shows.

Devano Danendra.  Photo: Instagram
Devano Danendra. Photo: Instagram

“That’s why I said to my mother, if you love me, you stop. If you want your child to stop, you stop… stop doing that thing which gimmick gimmick.

Devano admitted that he had sprayed mosquito repellent in his eyes. He did this because he couldn’t stand it.

“I sprayed Bay*on in my eyes so I couldn’t see anything… I was really annoyed about it,” he said.

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