Dinar Candy hopes that Ridho Illahi won’t be a playboy again after becoming his girlfriend – Latest Celeb News

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Dinar Candy knows very well that his lover Ridho Illahi is a playboy. However, Dinar Candy did not question the past of the lover who just became his girlfriend a week ago.

“I like the challenge of making Ridho my girlfriend. If he comes back again (to be a playboy), bye bye, “said Dinar Candy when found in the Tebet area, South Jakarta, Tuesday (5/10) night.

The woman whose real name is Dinar Miswari also has high hopes that in the future, Ridho Illahi will no longer be a playboy.

“Hopefully he doesn’t get sick again (become a playboy). If he cheats on me and hurts me, attack him,” said Dinar Candy.

That’s why one of the steps taken, Dinar Candy announced that currently Ridho Illahi is his lover, so that other women out there know that this man already has one.

“He (Ridho Illahi) is a player or a playboy. So it must be announced so that everyone knows,” concluded Dinar Candy.

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