HAVE NO HEART!! Grandpa’s rickshaw was stolen even though it was his only source of income

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In the midst of difficult times like this, one can indeed turn into a merciless evil person. On the other hand, many people flock to do good in the midst of this epidemic.

The following unfortunate fate was experienced by a pedicab driver grandfather. He bowed limply after losing his rickshaw, even though it was the source of his livelihood.

His betor (motor rickshaw) had been stolen by someone else who tricked him by pretending to be a passenger.

He is Darman Hasibuan’s grandfather and is 68 years old. He still works as a pedicab driver even though he is old.

However, there are people who don’t have a heart who do evil to him in the midst of this difficult time of the Corona outbreak. This story was shared by the Instagram account @sayaphati.

It started when grandfather got a passenger who was wearing an online motorcycle taxi and reasoned he wanted to pick up his wife at the Johor Building to take his sick wife for treatment. Actually, Grandpa had started to get suspicious of the clothes the person was wearing and he brought a motorbike.

However, because this swindler is clever, he also offers grandfather to be paid 100 thousand rupiah one way. He also wanted to because that day he also had not received any passengers at all due to the effects of the Corona outbreak. He then took this person with his bentor.

Later, this swindler had invited Grandpa to eat, but he refused. Then, the passenger asked for help to buy rice for his wife, but the scammer didn’t want to get off and reasoned that his leg was hurting.

Kindly and unsuspectingly, this grandfather also bought a rice wrap and left the crash with the key still stuck in the vehicle.

However, when he returned, it turned out that his rickshaw had been stolen by that person. Grandpa was sitting limp, even though the rickshaw was his source of livelihood, but now people have stolen it.

It was a sad ordeal for him. Hopefully, the perpetrators of this theft can be caught and punished for their actions.


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