How to Move On when your Ex-Girlfriend Married Abandoned – Latest Celeb News

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Move on dari mantan

1NEWS – Some people may be relaxed about their ex-girlfriend getting married. But not a few who actually feel disapproved and down to face this reality.

Basically, feelings of sadness, anger, regret, heartbreak, loss when left by an ex-boyfriend who married someone else are natural. But don’t let it drag on, let alone make you depressed.

Yes, you also have to get up from a married ex-boyfriend. Launch page allodokter, here are some ways so you can move on.

Don’t deny negative emotions

Try not to harbor emotions, let alone blame or hate yourself. Cry if it can make you feel calmer. If necessary, spend time alone, grieving, and reflecting.

But keep in mind, don’t let this inner wound be allowed to drag on, everything has a limit. Keep in mind that you are a strong person and can get through this situation well.

Chat with the closest people

Share your feelings with people you trust, such as friends or family. Besides being able to get advice or encouragement, this method can also make you feel more relieved. If you feel uncomfortable to confide in other people, you can pour it out through the writing of a pen in a diary.

Keep things that remind him

Good and bad memories with him that are still shrouded in your mind can make you fail to move on. Try to stay away from things that remind him.

Stop finding out or even being curious about her life. If necessary, you can unfollow his social media accounts and delete all photos or videos of the two of you or try doing a social media detox.

Do fun activities

Try to distract yourself by doing fun activities for me time, such as listening to music, watching movies, or cooking. You can also pursue a new hobby to fill your spare time. It can also be a form of overflowing your emotions and feelings in a positive way (catharsis).

Self care focus

It’s okay to beawdih left by an ex-girlfriend. But don’t sacrifice your health just because you’re no longer with him. You still need to take care of your health so you don’t fall sick. For that, stay focused on self-care and health by regularly eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly.

Open your heart when you’re ready

No need to rush to find a new girlfriend. Do not let the decision to find a replacement for him just a mere outlet. When emotions are more stable and can interpret the situation as a valuable lesson, this indicates that you are ready to open your heart to someone new.

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