It’s forbidden to support non-Muslim soccer players, Ustaz Yazid: Signs of not having faith

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Cristiano Ronaldo joins Manchester United.  Strettynews's photo.

Since the last few hours, clips of Ustaz Yazid Jawas’ lecture have become the talk of netizens on social media. It started when social media activist, Permadi Arya alias Abu Janda re-uploaded it on his official Instagram account.

In the half-minute show, Ustaz Yazid said that Muslims should not idolize non-Muslim soccer players, let alone buy various knick-knacks such as photos and team uniforms.

“This ustaz said that Muslims who are fans of Cristiano Ronaldo are hypocrites. What do you and the people of IG think?” wrote Abu Janda in the description of the upload, quoted Hops, Wednesday 6 October 2021.

Cristiano Ronaldo joins Manchester United. Strettynews’s photo.

Contents of Ustaz Yazid Jawas’ lecture

Indonesia is one of the countries with the most football fans in the world. Not only domestic or local competitions, they also watch foreign matches, including Europe.

That’s why, many viewers end up liking foreign players. Although it has become commonplace, but for Ustaz Yazid, it is a forbidden act.

“You like infidel football players, can you or not? I can’t!” said Ustaz Yazid from behind the pulpit.

Not only that, he added, displaying photos and wearing shirts for non-Muslim soccer players is also not allowed. Because, if this is done, then Muslims are the same as defending the infidels.

“The photo is displayed, the shirt is (used), it’s not allowed! He loves the infidels, is loyal to the infidels, defends the infidels,” he stressed.

Furthermore, Ustaz Yazid added, supporting non-Muslim soccer players destroys the faith of a Muslim. In fact, if they continue to do so, it is not impossible for them to enter the hypocrisy group.

“Meaning that if he defends an unbeliever, is he a believer or not? No. In what group? Hypocritical!” said Ustaz Yazid.

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