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Persipura Jayapura coach, Jacksen F Thiago, opened up about the atmosphere of the club room, nicknamed Mutiara Hitam, during the first half of the match.

This happened when Persipura Jayapura faced off against Madura United at the Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, Sunday (3/10/2021).

The match between Madura United vs Persipura Jayapura ended with a score of 2-2.

Two Madura United goals were created by Rafael Silva (10′) and David Laly (57′).

Meanwhile, Persipura Jayapura’s goals were scored by Riky Kayame (54′) and Yohanes Pahabol (67).

It was said by Jacksen F Thiago, there was nothing strange about the moment in the team’s dressing room.

There is only, the coach gives instructions to the players regarding the strategy to run in the second half.

“In a game, sometimes we as coaches can shout from the sidelines,” said Jackson.

“But when we enter the dressing room, we can tell on the board what to do.”

“Actually, there is nothing strange, we explain what was done,” continued the former Barito Putera coach.

He was also grateful that in the second round against Madura United, Persipura Jayapura players were able to carry out the coach’s directions.

Evidently, Persipura Jayapura played much better and was able to score goals.

“We are grateful that in the second half they were able to translate the formation we gave,” said Jackson.

“They came out more fighting, united as a team, and were able to score two goals,” said the Brazilian coach.

Jackson admitted, there are still things that Persipura Jayapura still needs to fix in order to look at the game ahead.

Persipura Jayapura ended the first series of Liga 1 by placing 14th.

From six matches, Persipura Jayapura scored five points.

“Actually we have more opportunities (in the match against Madura United), but I haven’t found a more accurate communication line to get maximum results,” said Jackson.

“And still being sought today,” continued the 53-year-old coach.

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