Jessica Iskandar Shows Her Boyfriend Wearing a Suit: God’s Best Man

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Jessica Alexander.  (Instagram/@inijedar)

Tinwarotul Fatonah

Wednesday, 06 October 2021 | 12:00 WIB

1NEWS – Jessica Iskandar has re-uploaded a photo with her boyfriend, Vincent Verhaag. This time they look like modern brides.

The woman who is familiarly called Jedar is elegant and sexy in a white dress. Her face was also made up with minimal make-up. The more elegant with the hair tied up and then the bottom part.

Jessica Alexander. (Instagram/@inijedar)

Meanwhile, Vincent Verhaag looked dashing in a suit. Inside, she chose a shirt in the same color as Jedar’s dress.

In that post, Jedar put Vincent Verhaag’s photo on the first slide. Just a photo of him on the second slide. Then on the last slide there is a photo of the two of them like Vincent being kissed on the forehead by Jedar.

Vincent Verhaag (Instagram/@inijedar)
Vincent Verhaag (Instagram/@inijedar)

No less romantic than the uploaded photo, Jessica Iskandar also wrote a very touching sentence.

She revealed how her love journey with Vincent Verhaag was.

“Starting from friendship, I never thought I could be with you to this point,” he wrote starting in the caption of his post, Wednesday (6/10/2021).

Jedar is now alluding to God’s destiny which brought him closer to Vincent Verhaag.

Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag.  (Instagram/@inijedar)
Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag. (Instagram/@inijedar)

“When I live God’s plan and not mine, this is the most beautiful thing and happens, because God knows what is good, what I need, not just what I want,” he said.

This mother of one child is very grateful to God. Moreover, he said that his future husband was God’s choice.

“Thanks God and @v.andrianto for the love, now and forever. God’s best man. Amen,” he concluded.

Seeing Jessica Iskandar’s post, many netizens and celebrity colleagues claimed to be happy.

Jessica Iskandar was proposed to by Vincent Verhaag.  (Instagram/@inijedar)
Jessica Iskandar was proposed to by Vincent Verhaag. (Instagram/@inijedar)

Not a few who gave a warning to Vincent Verhaag not to hurt Jessica Iskandar’s heart again.

Meanwhile, judging by Vincent Verhaag’s post, they seem to have just prewedding. This is because Vincent’s caption says he is ready to become a husband in the near future.

“I’m going to be her husband soon!!,” he wrote.

Jessica Iskandar was proposed to by Vincent Verhaag.  (Instagram/@inijedar)
Jessica Iskandar was proposed to by Vincent Verhaag. (Instagram/@inijedar)

As is known, Jessica Iskandar had failed continuously in love matters. The first was when she failed to marry Ludwig Franz Wilbald, El Barack’s father.

Then not long ago, Jedar also failed to marry actor Richard Kyle.


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