Listening to the ‘news’ of the fetus, Lesti Kejora’s tears broke, Rizky Billar was tearing up: Mother is excited, yes

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Even though her stomach is starting to bulge, Lesti Kejora looks tireless working in a world that has made her name, namely the dangdut music stage.

As recently seen on the small screen, Lesti Kejora wore a beautiful dress and sang again singing serene songs as if she was not burdened even though she was in two bodies.

Netizens also praised Lesti Kejora for being considered to have a hard-working character and maintained professionalism. However, an unexpected thing came to Lesti Kejora when she was about to sing a song titled Anakku.

When the intro song was playing, Lesti suddenly heard ‘news’ from the fetus in her womb.

While stroking her growing belly, Lesti’s cries suddenly broke out, causing Rizky Billar to be forced to go up on stage to support his wife’s body.

It seems that this emotional moment was felt by Lesti Kejora because she imagined the fetus in her womb talking.

The reason is, before the song started, the TV creative who handled the program played a recording of the voice of a small child as if the voice came from Lesti Kejora’s stomach.

“Mom who is enthusiastic, yes, I’m still struggling to get down, Mother, give me a way so I can go down,” he said.

It didn’t stop there, the baby’s voice also gave encouragement to Lesti Kejora, who is currently facing various trials.

“Mom who is excited, yes, we will meet soon, I want to hug you, I love you,” said the little boy who described the voice of the baby’s heart to Lesti Kejora as quoted from the Indosiar YouTuber channel.

No wonder Lesti’s tears flowed considering the child in her womb was one of the encouragements of life when she fell down.

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