Paraguay Players Celebrate Moments Opening T-shirts and Pants, Not Worth Imitating

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“Celebrations are normal in football. But too much can be bad. Here’s an example.”

1NEWS – Celebrations after scoring a goal are often seen in football. There are many versions of players celebrating the success of breaking into the opponent’s net. Some are mediocre, but many are extreme. For example Raul Bobadilla in Paraguay competition last season. He took off his shirt and pants.

Raul Marcelo Bobadilla is an Argentine-born player who decided to defend the Paraguay national team. The 34-year-old is currently on loan from Club Guarani to Fluminense.

Over the years, Bobadilla has been the brightest Argentinian-Paraguayan player in Europe. Noted, after leaving River Plate in 2007, he played for Grasshopper, Young Boys, and FC Basel in Switzerland. Then, Aris Thessaloniki in Greece. Then, several German clubs such as Borussia Moenchengladbach and FC Augsburg.

After not selling well on the Blue Continent, Bobadilla returned to Latin America. Starting with Argentinos Juniors in Argentina, he continued his career in Paraguay with Guarani. This is where the controversy created Bobadilla.

On 29 December 2020, Bobadilla defended Guarani against Libertad in the quarter-finals of the Paraguay Primera Division. The position was 2-2 draw until 85 minutes. Then, Bobadilla broke the deadlock by scoring his club’s 3-2 winning goal.

Bobadilla’s reaction was absolutely shocking. He ran to the sidelines. He took off his shirt. Then, the GPS vest. And, the peak pulled his pants down so that his genitals were visible right in front of the camera. The referee did not get a clear view of the incident so a second yellow card was not given.

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Uniquely, after the game, Bobadilla shyly said he hoped his wife would not be offended by that attitude. “I’m sorry about that. I hope my wife doesn’t see it. She has to stay calm. This is all for her,” said Bobadilla, reported by The Sun.

However, an apology is not enough. The Paraguayan Football Association (APF) ensured Bobadilla got the punishment he deserved. The ban of four matches and a monetary fine were imposed by the relevant authorities because they considered Bobadilla’s actions to have violated sportsmanship.

“We have started the official process, as we have not received any written complaints or anything from the referee. We got information from the internet and newspapers. They brought us to this investigation. We have notified Raul, and he has three days to appeal, ” said Raul Prono from APF at the time.

Bobadilla’s punishment was the same as that imposed by the APF a few months earlier on another Paraguayan player, Jorge Recalde. Just like Bobadilla, he also shows his genitals during celebrations. The action was reviewed by the referee via VAR and Recalde was given a red card plus an additional four-match suspension.

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