Photo of the same sex predator Reynahard Sinaga is circulating, the victim opens his voice | 1NEWS

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Battered Photo

The Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has just released the latest photo of Reynhard after being put in prison. His appearance was battered and his eyes were swollen and droopy.

The wound on Reynhard’s face is thought to have been from the victim who went berserk after realizing that he was the victim. Based on the British police report, Reynhard was arrested after the victim regained consciousness and reported it to the police.

Reynhard Sinaga©

In January 2020, the Manchester Police (GMP) stated that Reynhard Sinaga had raped 195 men and 70 of them had not been identified. However, from the investigation and trial process that took place, the number of victims now stands at 206 people.

Reported The Guardian, the latest news Reynhard received a sentence of 40 years in prison for the crime he committed.


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