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Beritabali/ist/Identity of the Suspected Police Officer Allegedly Persecution of Students.

After several days of investigating the case of mistreatment of a student with the initials Made RSA (14), Joni Lay’s attorney finally reported the persecuting police officer to the Bali Police Integrated Police Service Center (SPKT), on Wednesday 6 October 2021.
The police officer who was reported to have the initials IMDJM served in Samapta Polda Bali. The latest news is that the Bali Police’s Sub-Directorate for Paminal Bid Propam has also investigated the alleged perpetrator along with two of his fellow police officers.

According to Joni Lay, his party reported the police because they had found a clear spot on who the culprit was. Previously they had made a report to the Bali Police Propam Bid numbered SPSP2/01/IX/2021/Yandumas.

“The report has been handled by Paminal Bid Propam,” said the former police officer.

In the report, Jony Lay visited the Bali Police with the victim’s father, Made Tobias James Suwindia. As evidence, they brought evidence in the form of post-mortem evidence and CCTV camera footage.

“We hope that the Bali Police will immediately reveal the case that befell his client in a clear light,” he said.

He explained that his party reported IMDJM because it was supported by evidence. In detail, IMDJM is a member of the Samapta Polda Bali with the initials IMDJM. He is a NCO batch 43 in 2019. He is educated at SPN Kupang.

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