The Moment Two Legends Play in a Drunk

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“Revealed when we met in the tunnel.”

1NEWS – Who doesn’t know Paul Gascoigne and Diego Maradona? World football legend duo. The first name is the pride of England, while the second is an Argentine idol.

Although better known when playing for Tottenham Hotspur and Napoli, it turns out that the two actually met when Gascoigne played for Lazio and Maradona played for Sevilla.

The match was a friendly match held in November 1992. It was no ordinary match, as the two legends played drunkenly after consuming alcohol.

How did the story start?

The two accidentally met in the stadium tunnel before kick-off, Gascoigne admitted that he saw and approached Maradona first.

Maradona recently moved from Napoli after enjoying seven successful years in Serie A. The maestro recently served a ban due to involvement in drug use.

Meanwhile, Gascoigne moved to Lazio from Tottenham at about the same time and started settling in his new home in the City of Rome.

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However, for three days before the friendly, Gascoigne was restless at Disneyland. And, on the plane to Seville, he admitted to carrying a few bottles of drinks.

“In the tunnel, I went to Diego: ‘Diego, I’m drunk,’” Gascoigne told Good Morning Britain in 2020. “He said, “It’s okay, Gascoigne – me too.’”

Not long after, both of them started as starters in the friendly match. Surprisingly, they looked fit and on fire even in such conditions.

In that match, Lazio and Sevilla had to share the points 1-1. Lazio’s goal was scored by Gascoigne from distance, his low curling shot sliding perfectly into the bottom corner of the Los Sevillistas goal.

At half-time, Maradona was asked if Gascoigne’s goal surprised him.

“Not surprised at all,” replied the sweating and panting Maradona. “He’s a great player. We know what he can do and he does it. We hope in the second half we can win the game, not just beat Gascoigne.”

While Maradona created several important moments and opportunities for Sevilla, one of which was through his free kick which hit the crossbar.

However, Sevilla’s goal was created through a shot from distance by young midfielder Francisco Pineda.

The match was the only time in their professional careers they had ever faced each other.

Gascoigne was too young for the 1986 World Cup and England have only faced Argentina once again during their overlapping careers. The reason, the two legends missed the game in 1991.

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