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The pandemic that is being experienced throughout the world has created many unique stories, ranging from inspirational stories to sad stories. The death of a family due to Covid-19, a child whose parents died, and many other touching stories. One of them, the sad story of a boy in China who had to be in the hospital alone.

Somehow this boy was so brave to enter the hospital without parental care. He also uses a complete hazmat like a health worker. What did the boy do? Then why did he enter the hospital himself using a hazmat? Check out the following story!

Video of a child coming to the hospital with a hazmat and a suitcase

A video uploaded on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 by a nurse named Zhu Xiaqing, was suddenly discussed by netizens on social media. The video shows a child wearing a hazmat, pushing a suitcase as high as himself towards the quarantine centre. The boy, who was estimated to be 4 years old, turned out to be infected with the Corona virus and had to undergo an examination and self-quarantine.

Video of a boy coming alone to the hospital [sumber gambar]

The incident was filmed at the China Putian University Affiliated Hospital. The nurse also wrote that the boy had come alone without being escorted by his parents. Even though he said he was sad, Zhu praised the brave boy. Don’t forget to pray for the boy’s recovery. Since being uploaded, many netizens have given sad comments about the condition of the children.

Nurse’s story about children doing self-quarantine

Not just one, many children are undergoing self-quarantine at the hospital. Via page Health Daily Locally, Zhu also explained that he had cried when an ambulance was filled with children. They wear hazmats and come without their parents’ escort.

Another video showing a boy with a hazmat, kper and backpack coming to the hospital [sumber gambar]

After arriving at the hospital, they immediately underwent a CT scan alone. Some children who are very young, have to be helped by doctors because they cannot get on the scanning table on their own. As a child, some have to cry for hours because they don’t want to leave their house. However, Zhu admitted that the children were very patient and obediently kept their distance during the examination.

The impact of the emergence of the Delta variant virus

The emergence of a new cluster of Delta variants in Putian City, Fujian Province has previously been reported to reach 186 cases in a week. Meanwhile, media China Shanghai Daily reported cases against children are the most serious. The government was forced to ask the children to quarantine in separate isolation wards.

Portrait of children in China attending face-to-face school [sumber gambar]

The first appearance of the Delta variant is suspected to be from the Fujian Cluster, where a man recently returned from Singapore. The man has a 12 year old son. From there emerged the spread through classrooms which then infected more than 36 children, including 8 kindergarten children. In response to this, the Fujian government has decided to stop face-to-face classes from Monday (13/9).

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We really can’t underestimate the Corona virus. The new variant in China certainly makes the community more vigilant in facing the pandemic. At the same time, the government is still aggressively providing vaccines. Unfortunately, children still cannot be vaccinated, thus creating a certain fear for the community.

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