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When shopping online, many can’t wait for the package to be delivered by a courier. However, this one customer even received a package at the time of marriage.
The video of the bride and groom receiving a package while getting married went viral after being shared on TikTok social media. Through the @antoniusandi7 account, there is a video of a courier entering the wedding party area while carrying a package.

In the video, a courier from one of the marketplaces walks directly to the aisle and delivers the package to the bride. Seeing the courier’s action, the invited guests were successfully made to laugh. Meanwhile, the bride who received the package looked embarrassed.

Not until there, this courier even took a photo of the bride when she received the package. His actions were also in the spotlight.

“Eett, it’s already D day, still receiving online packages,” wrote the caption on the video.

The presence of the courier who delivered the package was also entertainment for the guests. In fact, some offered him to eat first.

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