Viral Children’s Names are 19 Words Long, Mr. Difficult to Manage Birth Certificates to Letter to the President

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Viral on social media is the story of a man who wrote to President Jokowi regarding his child who had difficulty getting a birth certificate because the name was too long.

In an Instagram account upload @memomedsos, Tuesday (5/10/2021) a photo of a baby complete with the very long name given by his parents appeared. The baby’s name is known to consist of 19 words.

Long and unique name

Based on the information in the photo, it is known that the child is now almost 3 years old but does not yet have a birth certificate.

In the photo is written the name of the child which consists of 19 words.

“Alhamdulillah, our second child has been born: Rangga Madhipa Sutra Jiwa Cordosega Akre Askhala Mughal Ilkhanat Akbar Sahara Pi – Tariq Ziyad Syaifudin Quthuz Khoshala Sura Talenta,” reads the photo quoted by, Tuesday (5/10/2021).

Write an open letter to the President

In the upload, screenshots of an open letter written by the child’s parents were also shared for President Jokowi.

In addition to complaining that the child’s name is often made fun of, he also asked the president for help so that he could take care of the child’s birth certificate which had not been completed.

This is because the related parties have rejected the application for a birth certificate in the name of the child. Names that are too long are thought to be the cause of rejection.

“Perhaps for some who do not understand the sacredness of a name, our child’s name has become the subject of jokes and ridicule,” said the father in his letter.

“If in our area, we are not able to realize the name of our child, we hope that the president can help us to realize our child’s name to be legally recognized in this country of Indonesia,” he said again.

Netizens’ response

Seeing the video, netizens then wrote various comments. Most of them highlighted the contents of the open letter to the president.

“If the name is too long, it will be difficult to write the certificate later. It’s a pity that his sister must also be a joke,” commented one netizen.

“What kind of parent makes it difficult for a child’s life in the future?” another netizen said.

“The name is a prayer indeed, even every word is a prayer. everyone knows that. But what needs to be emphasized again, anything that is excessive is not true,” wrote one netizen.

“Well, it was you who gave him his full name, it was the president who ordered him to handle it. Is it healthy?” another netizen said.

“It’s a pity that his son passed the national exam,” said one netizen.

“Wkwk. Stupid. The government changed the rules just for you,” said another netizen.

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