Viral, this couple holds a wedding party, already carrying a 7-month baby, the bride is even busy preparing porridge to eat her child | Most Exciting

  • Share – Holding a simple marriage contract more than a year ago was the reason this Malaysian wedding couple held a reception with the presence of their baby in their midst.

Reported by, Hairul Azmeer and his wife held a marriage contract without a direct reception because at that time it coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of the lockdown. And now, after the government has given leeway for residents to carry out their activities, he and his wife have agreed to hold a reception in the presence of the closest family.

But the funny thing is, in the middle of the reception, Hairul’s wife must continue to carry out her ‘profession’ as a mother. Still in a full wedding dress, his wife prepared food for their 7-month-old baby.


This portrait of his wife making baby food is what finally made their wedding party viral and became news in the online media.

Various comments were left by netizens. But on average, netizens criticize people at the wedding because no one is wearing a mask, including the bride and groom themselves.

However, Hairul swiftly replied, if the reception he held only invited the closest family with a limited number, following the health protocols applied in his country.

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