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Pamper your husband with a variety of these delicious dishes, Mother!

Working is tiring, especially if after work, you still have to struggle with traffic jams on the road. Fatigue that whacks will feel double. This is what is often experienced by most husbands, who usually go to work in the morning and return in the afternoon, or even at night.

As a kind and understanding wife, of course, this scene is almost always encountered every day. Even though taking care of children and household needs is actually equally tiring, there’s nothing wrong with suppressing the ego for a moment, by welcoming your husband after work.

So that his tiredness can be cured after setting foot at home, serve this snack for your beloved husband.

Mocha Chocolate Cake

Sweet and Delicious/Ikigae Cake© Sweet and Delicious/Ikigae Cake

The delicious aroma of mocha combined with the sweetness of chocolate is the perfect match for this Mocha Chocolate Cake. Serve a few slices with a warm cup of tea to your husband, after he cleans himself. Bribe after mouthful could make the knot of his smile grow back. This Mocha Chocolate Cake is also very suitable to be used as friends to chat with your partner.

Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes

Sweet and Delicious/Ikigae Cake© Sweet and Delicious/Ikigae Cake

Chocolate is one of the foods that can bring feelings of happiness. Serve delicious Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes for husband after he comes home. The shape is not big, making this dish practically eaten in one go. Enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate or iced coffee if the weather is hot.

Marble Butter Cake

Sweet and Delicious/Ikigae Cake© Sweet and Delicious/Ikigae Cake

No less delicious, there is Marble Butter Cake which is so soft in texture. When chewed, this cake is so blend in the mouth. In addition to the sweet taste, the savory taste of the butter used further enriches the taste. Serve with a cup of hot tea, so that the enjoyment is even more perfect.

Fruit Pie

Sweet and Delicious/Ikigae Cake© Sweet and Delicious/Ikigae Cake

Small and also practically devoured, this is what can be felt from the deliciousness of Fruit Pie. The size is not too big, making this snack suitable as a companion for a short relaxing time, before dinner time arrives. Otherwise, this cake is also delicious after dinner. Not only presenting a sweet taste, the freshness of the fruit also completes the delicacy of this one cake.

Macaroni Schotel Cheese

Sweet and Delicious/Ikigae Cake© Sweet and Delicious/Ikigae Cake

Besides being sweet, there are also delicious snacks that are also suitable for giving to your husband after coming home from work. What else if not Macaroni Schotel Cheese which is so tasty on the tongue. The size is not too big, making this food not quick to make you full. However, don’t be surprised, if the delicacy is able to make you addicted from the first bite. The fatigue felt by the two of them will slowly turn into happiness when eating this dish.

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