Welcoming the Second Series Match, Arema FC Conducts Evaluation and Improvements

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1NEWS – Arema FC has confirmed that they will appear more confident in welcoming the schedule in the League 1 competition this season in the second series. The second series of matches will be held in the Special Region of Yogyakarta and Central Java. The Singo Edan squad itself will start its action in the super big match against Persija Jakarta at the Manahan Stadium Solo. The first match of the second series will be held on Sunday (17/10/21).

Prepare Yourself with Evaluation and Improvement

In this second series Arema FC will play 5 fixtures. In the continuation of the Indonesian League 1 series, Arema FC will also close the series with another super big match. The Singo Edan squad will compete against Persebaya Surabaya on (06/11/2021).

Arema FC’s Media Officer, Sudarmaji said that his party had prepared themselves as well as possible to face the second match of the League 1 this season. Of course, his party also conducts evaluations held by management with trainers for improvement.

In its first series, Arema FC was considered not ideal enough as a team targeting champions. Dendi Santoso and his colleagues have only won 9 points from 2 wins, 2 draws and one defeat. Along with that, Arema FC management also gave Eduardo Almeida a more rational target.

The Portuguese tactician is considered to have been able to be in a safe position. As a result of the 7-point sweep in the last 3 matches, Arema FC’s position is now considered safe. The Singo Edan squad is now in the top 6 of the Liga 1 standings this season after previously sinking into the relegation zone. Sudarmaji said that hopefully his team can improve the achievements that have been in the top position.

While at the top of the BRI standings Indonesian League 1 until now, Bhayangkara FC so far with 16 points still lead. Followed by PSIS Semarang and Bali United with 12 points. Then below that are Persib Bandung and Persija Jakarta with 10 points.

Players Holiday

Being in a fairly safe position, the Arema FC squad was given a few days off. This was done as an effort to relieve the tension that the players suffered during the match in the first series.

Dendi Santoso and his teammates have had such a busy schedule and so much pressure on the results. Especially in the first four matches that did not produce satisfactory results. Giving this rest time is expected to reduce stress levels and can be a little psychologically refreshing.

This Edan Singo Team has also returned to Malang. Of course, most of the team components returned to their respective families. Arema FC tactician, Eduardo Almeida said maybe his team was given three days to rest.

Almeida gave all team members a day off before being called back to watch the second draw match. He admitted that the pressure he felt could affect the stability of the team. Especially for Eduardo Almeida himself, he was in danger of being ousted.

The Portuguese coach said that the function of this holiday is to refresh the mind. Let the players forget for a moment the tension of football both on and off the field.

From the coaching team, Eduardo is currently developing the right program to maximize his children. Moreover, Arema FC only has a gap of less than two weeks. After defeating Persela Lamongan, this team must be ready to do a super big match with Persija Jakarta.

The coach said when the schedule has been confirmed, his side will immediately develop a team program. Because this second series will be no less important than the previous series.

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