Beyond Creator: Indonesian Youtubers Last Episode, YouTube and Magic Are Opposite of Each Other

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1NEWS – Beyond Creator: Indonesian Youtubers are back with episode 10 entitled One of a Kind as the season finale series. This last episode presents three Youtubers who are already known to the public.

The three Youtubers are Sacha Stevenson, a foreigner from Canada who now lives in Indonesia and creates comedy content about culture in Indonesia. Then there is Aulion, a content creator who at the beginning of his career was often known for his stop motion content.

The third is Yudist Ardhana, a magician who started his YouTube career by uploading magic trick videos. However, Yudist reveals that the world of magic and Youtube are in conflict with each other.

“In fact, it turns out that YouTube itself is against the concept of magic, because the number one rule in magic is that it is forbidden to repeat the same trick twice. While on YouTube, that person just replays again. So, gradually the magic began to decrease and finally we started other content on Youtube, “said Yudist Ardhana.

These three Youtubers who have been in the YouTube world for a long time have certainly gone through many obstacles, such as running out of content ideas as happened to Yudist before. Then, there is Sacha who adapts to his new life in Indonesia and Aulion who has to balance his career choices and the feelings of his parents.

Many more stories will be revealed by these YouTubers about their long career journey on Youtube which will be thoroughly reviewed in this episode. Watch their full story in Beyond Creator: Indonesian Youtubers episode 10 on the Vision+ platform.

For those who haven’t watched Vision+ Originals Beyond Creator: Indonesian Youtubers from the first episode, Vision+ provides episodes 1 and 2 for free! And for the next episode, users can upgrade their account to Vision+ premium by buying packages starting from 10 thousand rupiah for a 7-day subscription.


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