Can Pregnant Women Take a Plane?

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Can pregnant women get on a plane? This is the topic of our discussion in this article. Sometimes, due to urgent urgent matters or other reasons, it is necessary for us to go by plane.

This is certainly not a problem if you are not pregnant. But the problem is, what if you are pregnant? Can I get on a plane? Will it not harm you and the fetus you are carrying?

Actually, there is no prohibition against boarding a plane for pregnant women and it is safe as long as the physical condition of the pregnant woman concerned is in good condition.

According to ACOG: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, an organization of obstetrics and gynecology in the United States, that traveling by plane is not dangerous for both pregnant women and the fetus they are carrying.

Can pregnant women take a plane?

With a note, NOT TOO often!

But even so, there are still things that need to be considered by pregnant women, including you, before boarding a plane, which is to first consult with an obstetrician.

What needs to be consulted is, whether your physical condition and also your content is indeed possible to travel by plane or not.

If indeed the doctor states that your physical condition allows, then you are certainly allowed to board the plane and that’s okay.

However, it should also be noted that pregnant women who are allowed to fly here are pregnant women whose pregnancy is still in the 2nd trimester (4-6 months of pregnancy).

Pregnant women who are in the early trimester of pregnancy are not recommended to take a plane because sometimes they are still vulnerable to feelings of nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, etc. which are often experienced by pregnant women in the early trimester of pregnancy (age 1 – 3 months of pregnancy).

In addition, when pregnancy has also entered the 3rd trimester (age 7 months and above), pregnant women are also not allowed to board the plane, because with the gestational age of 7 months and over, you will get tired easily and need a lot of rest.

So boarding a plane with a womb at this age can make you more tired and of course this is not good for you or your fetus.

So, the conclusion from our discussion about whether pregnant women can board a plane is:
Pregnant women including you may travel by plane but with the following notes:

  • The doctor states that your physical condition allows you to board the plane.
  • Your pregnancy must be in the 2nd trimester (3-6 months of pregnancy).
  • Drink plenty of fluids before going out to avoid dehydration.
  • Choose a seat that allows you to move freely, such as a chair next to the aisle.
  • Stretch your legs while sitting.
  • stand up occasionally if possible.
  • fasten the seat belt under the stomach.

Okay, that’s what we can share with you about can pregnant women get on a plane
Hopefully the information presented in this article is useful for you.

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