Father’s Phone Claims To Be Kidnapped, 3 Sisters End Up in Prison | 1NEWS

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This woman in Padang made a police report about being raped by an Ojol driver, oh my god, what actually happened…

Dream – Infidelity will certainly be a big problem if it gets caught. Hence, many people try their best to hide their scandals with other partners.

Likewise with N, 23 years. The woman made a report to the police, claiming she was almost raped by an online motorcycle taxi driver in Padang City, West Sumatra.

However, the reason was finally denied after the police followed up on N’s report. Apparently, the woman was trying to cover up her affair by making a false report to the police.

The Head of Criminal Investigation at the Padang Police, Commissioner Rico Fernanda, said that initially N made a report on Monday night, September 27, 2021. He admitted that he almost became a victim of sexual harassment by an ojol driver.

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