MUA Shows Unicorn-themed Makeup Skills, At First Sweet Turns into Mystical | 1NEWS

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Look at the transformation.

Dream – After going viral due to independence day-themed makeup, the owner of the TikTok account @yohannasicillia again uploaded a different makeup transformation. Even his appearance is enough to make shudder for those who do not like the world of horror.

This time, Yohanna took a pretty sweet theme and ended it with a scary Halloween makeup.

At the beginning of the video, Yohanna’s face is seen wearing natural pink makeup.

After showing the face with the lyrics of the song in the video, her makeup changed to a unicorn theme. Complete with a crown headband, a circus tent, and a picture of a unicorn on a merry-go-round on the forehead, and both cheeks.

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Suddenly Changed Creepy

Unicorn Themed Makeup© TikTok @yohannasicillia

But a few seconds later, the makeup changed again to be more sinister. The unicorn on its face was covered in blood and wounded.

The circus tent was filled with blood. While her makeup changed by using blackish red lipstick, white eyeballs, and a red wig.

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Even though it looks scary at the end of the video, netizens are showering the video again with various compliments. The video was liked almost a thousand times.


#TellMeSomethingTrue #MakeUpTransformation #fyp

♬ original sound – yoyo

“Krenn is beautiful again,” praised @egasaputra6572.

“Smngt, keep it up, sis. It’s good,” said @hasnarzia.

” KEREEENNN kaaaa yoyo,” said @nida0698.

“It’s great, kaa,” wrote @mydeaarr.

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Makeup Transformation of High School Students Makes Netizens Surprised

Dream – The ability to apply makeup can make it easier for you to transform into various styles. You can create a natural style, even be creative with abstract makeup styles.

Natural makeup style transformation is also not always boring and that’s all. There are quite a few Content Creators who make natural styles into a more unique appearance.

Making Doll-like Makeup in the Squid Game Series, This MUA Video Reaps Praise

For example, a video of a high school student who owns a TikTok account @ashpyxia2 managed to astonish netizens with the transformation of Korean-style natural makeup styles.

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Natural Makeup Transform© TikTok @ashpyxia2

The reason is, the appearance of her face after makeup becomes much brighter and fresher. The difference in the transformation also makes netizens think there are 2 different people in the video.

Skill Level Temperature, Bridal Makeup Transformation Can Surprise Husbands

“I thought JUMINTEN turned out to be JULIET,” said @baburumah568.

“What!! Instantly ue glared at him,” said @desmayani04.

” No, this is a different person I don’t believe,” wrote @mhmdfkr3.

” Anjer, there are 2 original people,” commented @zakkyy.61.

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