The Story of the Victim’s Confession of Reynhard Sinaga, Trauma for Life

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The Story of Reynhard Sinaga's Victim, Men Can Also Be Rape Victims

The case of Reynhard Sinaga in 2017 attracted public attention. The man from Indonesia, who is currently studying for a doctoral degree in Manchester, England, was arrested for raping young men. Reynhard Sinaga’s own victims are estimated at 200 people.

Recently, the Reynhard case has become a hot topic again because the Manchester police released a photo of Reynhard after the arrest. Reynhard’s face was battered and hard to identify because of the wounds on his face.

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Confession of One of Reynhard Sinaga’s Victims

Through a documentary broadcast on the BBC channel, Catching a Predator, one of Reynhard Sinaga’s victims spoke about the rape he experienced.

The victim, named Daniel, admitted to experiencing a very terrible thing. As a man, it was difficult for him to face the fact that he had been raped.

1. The UK’s biggest sexual assault case

Source: CNN Indonesia

Reynhard Sinaga was arrested by the police after one of his victims, who works as an athlete, woke up when he was raped and fought back. Reynhard’s victim immediately reported the incident to the police.

After investigation, Reynhard’s cellphone contained hundreds of rape videos with different victims.

The Manchester court also sentenced Reynhard to life imprisonment in January 2020. He was found guilty of 159 cases of rape and sexual assault against 48 men. The crime he committed over a span of 2.5 years.

Reynhard’s mode is to ‘follow’ potential victims who are separated from the group when having fun or parties at night. The victim was sedated into unconsciousness and he was taken to his apartment on Princess Street in the City of Manchester.

2. Victim Reynhard Sinaga Remembers Nothing

The Story of Reynhard Sinaga's Victim, Men Can Also Be Rape Victims

The crime scene is Reynhard Sinaga’s apartment room. Source: Compass

Daniel became a victim of Reynhard in 2015. At that time, he was celebrating his birthday with his friends, but was separated because he was going to the toilet before taking a taxi.

“I needed to go to the toilet so I went to an alley. I don’t remember anything after that,” Daniel said.

The young man said he suddenly regained consciousness in a room, fell asleep on the sofa and felt dizzy. He then saw the figure of someone walking, then out of fear immediately got up and ran out.

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3. Hesitate to Report to Police

reynhard sinaga victim

The victim, Daniel, admitted the rape was a horrific experience. Source: Viva

Daniel said he had never reported to the police at the time of the incident because he felt he did not know anything about what had happened to him and had doubts. He also did not think about the possibility that he had been raped by someone.

Later in 2017 when the investment in Reynhard’s case was being held, Daniel saw photos of Reynhard’s victims and recognized himself through his tattoos.

“There was a bit of relief because I finally knew what had happened, and the logic came in. But maybe not the relief I want.”

4. Hope this case can be a lesson

reynhard sinaga victim

CCTV footage is strong evidence in the investigation of the Reynhard Sinaga case. Source: CNN Indonesia

The Prosecutor at the Reynhard Court hopes that this case will open the public’s eyes that men can be victims of rape. He also cited this case as an example of the worst part of human behavior.

In undergoing the trial as a witness, Daniel admitted that he was very grateful to be accompanied by his father who provided support.

“Men don’t talk about raping men, but the response has been great.” Daniel said.

Effects of Sexual Harassment on the Victim

reynhard sinaga victim

Source: Freepik

Quoting from Detik, a psychiatric specialist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, dr. Gina Anindyajayanti, SpKJ revealed that victims of sexual harassment can experience long-term negative effects.

“Symptoms of anxiety to depression, such as a feeling of helplessness is so great. So he thinks that I don’t deserve to live, it’s also possible,” said dr. Gina.

Violence or sexual harassment experienced by victims can trigger high levels of anxiety and low self-confidence, so victims should be given assistance to recover their psychological wounds.

dr. Gina explained that psychological problems due to sexual harassment can occur not only for female victims, but also for male victims.

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reynhard sinaga victim

According to clinical psychologist Veronica Adesla, M.Psi, the trauma experienced can be prolonged and even lifelong.

“So if for example he (the victim) lives with PTSD with a prolonged prologue, even though it has improved but there are still traumatic parts, so it might happen like that (lifelong trauma),” said Veronica.

Veronica said that for male victims of sexual harassment, the effect could be multiplied because the stigma of society is still thick with patriarchal culture.

“The effect on a man when he is sexually harassed, he feels ashamed, yes, he must face the stigma as well. It could be a loss of confidence,” he continued.

The confession of the victim Reynhard Sinaga opens our eyes that anyone, regardless of gender, can become a victim of sexual violence and harassment. What do you think Parents?

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