Viral ‘Handle With Care’ Notes, Help Children Face Difficult Times | Parenting.1NEWS

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Mutia Nugraheni

October 7, 2021 08:06

Dreams – The phrase “it takes a village to educate / raise children” is true. Parents cannot be alone in forming positive characters in their children.

It takes the cooperation of families, neighbors and of course educators to create a positive environment for children. There are times when children have a difficult time in the family and the next day have to go to school. In this condition, communication between teachers and parents is very important

Rachel Harder, a teacher at Hutchinson, Kansas, United States, had a solution for this that went viral. He made a “handle with care” note that was distributed to parents.

Harder explained that he wanted to provide families experiencing difficulties at home with “additional support at school.” He stressed that he knows they can’t always provide the details, and “that’s okay”.

It is enough to tell him, it can be by sending an email with the subject, “handle with care” or “handle with care” would alert him to the fact that a student might need “extra time, patience, and help during the day”

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