Viral Three of My Children Raped: Forced to sign BAP, labeled as police hoax, case terminated – 1NEWS

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Illustration of rape.  Photo: Pixabay

All day yesterday until now the story of a mother in East Luwu who complained about seeking justice for her three children who were raped by her father. In the story presented on the Project Multatuli website with the title Three My Children Was Raped, it is told how the mother of three children under 10 years old reported this alleged rape to the police. Well the police responded, said the narration My Three Children Was Raped it’s a hoax.

The mother’s efforts to report to the police even had difficulty, the mother was even suspected of suffering from mental health problems. Investigate, the mother’s ex-husband is an ASN who has a position at the East Luwu Regency government office, South Sulawesi, you know.

Chronology of the case of my three children being raped

Project Multatuli revealed that this alleged rape was revealed in October 2019. At that time the mother listened to the story of her eldest child who had pain in her vagina. The mother then asked the child to tell what happened, and to his surprise the eldest son said that his father had raped him.

Illustration of rape. Photo: Pixabay

The mother clarified the eldest’s confession to the other two children, it turned out that both of their children were also raped by their father. So even though the mother and father have separated, the father often visits his three children after school. When I found out that her three children had been raped, the mother immediately reported it to the police.

“Lydia (the mother-not her real name) reported her ex-husband for the alleged rape of his three children who were under the age of 10. Complained to the Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment, East Luwu, and East Luwu Police. Hoping for protection,” wrote Project Multituli quoted Thursday 7 October 2021.

It turned out that the reports to the two institutions were not satisfactory, in fact the mother was accused of having mental health problems.

The process of investigating the report is complicated, not accompanied by a lawyer, the three children when examined are also not accompanied by a legal advisor or psychologist,

Worse yet, the mother admitted that she was forced to sign the minutes of examination (BAP) but was forbidden to read the BAP.

“I said I would sign later after this was continued. But the investigator forced me, and I signed. Because it’s noon and I want to go home to make food for the children,” said the mother.

Later, the police stopped the investigation. However, Lydia didn’t stop fighting. He went to Makassar, met LBH Makassar, who immediately wrote to many institutions so that the case was investigated again. Komnas Perempuan also responded.

The police version is a hoax

The viral narrative and the confession of Tiga Saya Anak Rape responded to the response from the East Luwu Police. In fact, the Polres labeled the narration and report from Porject Multatuli as a hoax.

In a statement on Instagram, the East Luwu Police explained the version of the handling of the case of the three children suspected of being raped.

The East Luwu Police said that the news revealed by Project Multatuli was not enough evidence, this case alone has been handled by the East Luwu police since October 9, 2019.

Information from the East Luwu Police about Three of My Children being Raped

Investigators moved in, examined the witnesses and the reported, who is the father of three children. Investigators also conducted the first post-mortem at the Malili Health Center and the second post-mortem at the Bhayangkara Hospital in Makassar accompanied by the mother and the reported victim, the victim’s father and also P2TPA officers from East Luwu.

“The result was that there were no abnormalities in the genitals or rectum/anus,” wrote the East Luwu Police.

Meanwhile, the results of the East Luwu P2TP2A team’s assessment stated that there were no signs of trauma to the three children after the father came to the P2TP2A office.

“When the father came the three children approached him and sat on his father’s lap,” wrote the East Luwu Police.

Thus, East Luwu Police investigators carried out the title of this case at the Polres and Polda South Sulawesi. As a result, the investigation process of the complaint was stopped on the grounds that there was no sufficient evidence of an obscene crime as reported.

Hopefully the three children will get justice and this legal process will run fairly and fairly Friend Hopers.

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