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This is the tragic end of a wife’s affair in Trenggalek, East Java.

The husband who did not accept the act of betrayal then asked for compensation for the construction of the house that stood on his wife’s land.

“Ask for compensation, maybe (the women) can’t afford to pay or something,” said Purwadi, Head of Pule Village, Pule District, reported by

Prior to the demolition using an excavator, Purwadi continued, various efforts had been made through joint mediation with RT, RW, and villages.

“Conversations have been attempted, there is no agreement, yes,” he said.

Until finally, a middle way was chosen by this married couple in their 30s to destroy the house that had been a silent witness to their household journey.


The demolition of houses using heavy equipment has also successfully become a spectacle for local residents.

Not a few residents who helped capture the incident until it finally went viral on social media.

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