Netizens are So Sad, Viral This Man Catches His Fiance Cheating While Filling Gasoline at a Gas Station | Most Exciting

  • Share – Was happy to see his fiancée in the same place, at the Public Fuel Filling Station (SPBU), this man was actually saddened by the next scene.

The reason, his future wife was with another dream man. This allegation is getting stronger because the two of them look affectionately like lovers when they get back into the car, as reported by

Suddenly, the man’s heart and feelings were instantly shattered. He was so devastated that he couldn’t hold back his tears. He cried without regard to his friend beside him, Faizol, as the video uploader.

As a friend, Faizol who couldn’t bear to see his friend immediately tried to calm him down by patting him on the shoulder repeatedly.

The man tried to smile, but tears kept flowing down his cheeks.


The sad story of this man made netizens sad. They understand the man’s condition, because there are also netizens who have experienced a similar incident.

I understand how he feels, I’ve been through a similar situation.” said a netizen.

“Fortunately you realized the problem right away, if you get married then you will find out soon enough. It will hurt more.” said netizens.

“He doesn’t deserve it, cheer up my friend,” netizens cheer.

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