Often Harassed by Thugs But Reported to Police Dicueki, This Cafe Owner Finally Chooses ‘Ngadu’ to the National Police Chief | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – A video circulated of the beating of a man in front of the cafe by a group of thugs who often hung out at the cafe around the Kopitiam YS junction shophouse, Batam city, Riau Islands. The owner of the cafe complained to the National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabow, hoping to get strict action.

Feeling aggrieved and mistreated by thugs, the cafe owner has also reported to a number of police stations, including the Batam Center Police, Barelang Police, and the Riau Islands Police. However, he was only given a ‘Request for Information’ letter and his report was not followed up.

Via : merdeka.com

Zhang Ya Li Li’s Facebook account uploaded a number of photos and videos from surveillance cameras. The photos and videos are evidence of beatings and disgraceful acts committed by a group of thugs.

The thug’s behavior has been carried out for a long time, causing business losses to the cafe. However, the police ignored the case. Until finally, the cafe owner complained to the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo to act decisively and not to repeat it.

Via : merdeka.com

“I ask you (Kapolri) and your staff to protect us that there is a group of thugs who often interfere with our place of business in Kopitiam YS junction partner shop, Batam city, Riau Islands,” he wrote in an open letter.

“So we ask the National Police Chief where else we ask for legal protection. We feel disturbed and persecuted by the presence of a group of thugs and harm us,” he added.

The cafe owner has been reporting this case for a long time. He asked for legal protection from the Batam Center Police, the Barelang Police, and the Riau Islands Police so that the guests would not be disturbed by thugs. Not only that, when he made the report he didn’t even have any criminal charges that could bind the thugs.

Via : merdeka.com

“In connection with this, we have reported to the Batam Center Police, Barelang Police, and the Riau Islands Police. However, until now there has been no response, even a group of thugs are increasingly harassing our place of business as if they are not afraid of the law, “ he explained.

“Every time they report to the police station, they always answer that there is no crime. We, the people, do not know the articles of the Criminal Code that can be imposed on groups of thugs who come to our place of business,” he continued.

Via : merdeka.com

Seen in the cafe surveillance camera, a group of men sitting together. The thugs casually sat and then chatted for hours. In addition, they also do not hesitate to throw garbage carelessly until the tables and chairs fall apart.

“We have been harmed by them (thugs), because no one dared to come to our cafe. Because they come in groups and sit in the cafe for hours until it closes, “ he wrote.

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