Viral! Married Christian Woman Surrounded by Bridesmaid Friends Who Are All Muslim | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru – Proof of tolerance, this interfaith friendship is compact with each other on the happy day of one of the best friends.

The friends who are actually Muslims were also present and accompanied their friends who held a wedding blessing in a church.

Like bridesmaids in general, these seven women appeared compact in two color themes. They also look beautiful, elegant, and neat with their hijab.

“Friends of the same religion (X), friends of different religions (Y),” wrote the bride via her TikTok account, @dettadettul, Sunday (24/10).

The bride also felt very happy for the presence of her friends, because there were some of her friends who suddenly decided not to be present on her happy day.

“There should have been 12 bridesmaids but it’s okay, God has his own plans and shows who are real friends, ONLY THEM… thanks guys,” he wrote, as reported by

Meanwhile, this beautiful portrait of friends of different religions attracted the attention of netizens. Many praised their tolerance between religions.

“Ah very tolerance, glad to see it,” said the netizen.

“Besti I’m also all Christians, sis.. greetings of tolerance,” netizen comments.

“I did the same to my best friend, she got married in church and I was with her,‘ complained netizens.

“Same, when I worked for 2 years in Probolinggi, I lived with three friends, I was a Muslim myself. of which 2 are Christian. It’s like family,” added another netizen.

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