The Investigator of the Pregnant Wife of a Drug Suspect, the North Sumatran Police Chief Immediately Removes the Kutalimbaru Police Chief | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru

Head of Medan Polrestabes Kombes Pol Riko Sunarko, Head of Propam North Sumatra Police Kombes Pol Donald Simanjuntak, and Head of Public Relations of North Sumatra Police Kombes Pol Hadi Wahyudi in the yard of the North Sumatra Police Propam Bid Office, Tuesday (26/10/2021) evening, describing cases of alleged sexual abuse committed by a member of the Kutalimbaru Police with the initials RHL to the wife of a drug suspect who was pregnant last May. (KOMPAS.COM/DEWANTORO)

RHL, an investigator from the Kutalimbaru Police, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, was released after being reported in connection with a case of alleged sexual abuse that he committed against the wife of a drug suspect.

The Head of North Sumatra Police Propam Kombes Pol Donald Simanjuntak explained, RHL committed sexual abuse when the woman was pregnant.

From both of them, information was also obtained that RHL picked the woman up at the boarding house to a hotel.

“The complainant (the detainee’s wife) has not explained in detail what the reason is so that they can be together in the hotel to have intercourse. According to the information we received, indeed at that time the victim was pregnant,” said Donald, to reporters at the North Sumatra Police Propam Bid Office, Tuesday (26/10/2021) evening.

“It needs to be explained, there are several witnesses that we are still inviting for clarification, to corroborate the evidence of alleged sexual intercourse committed by our members,” Donald added.

The prisoner’s wife is also taken into custody

Donald explained, from the testimony of the victim’s attorney, Riyadi, the alleged molestation case began with the disclosure of a drug case on May 4, 2021.

At that time, members of the Kutalimbaru Police arrested a number of suspected drug offenders and one of them was the wife of the suspect who was allegedly molested by RHL in May 2021.

However, Donald did not want to explain how the drug case could lead to an obscenity case.

“After yesterday there was an official complaint from his lawyer on behalf of Mr. Riyadi, we are only investigating this according to what was reported to us. At that time the complainant was also arrested, he said.

Donald emphasized that if RHL was found guilty, the North Sumatran Police would conduct a dishonorable discharge (PDTH).

The Head of Medan Polrestabes Kombes Pol Riko Sunarko explained that the Kutalimbaru Police Chief was released and withdrawn to the North Sumatra Police Headquarters.

His party has prepared a replacement to lead the Kutalimbaru Police.

The North Sumatra Police also released the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Kutalimbaru Police and six of its members.

They were all taken to the Medan Police Headquarters for examination.

“What is certain is that our members are wrong to do that. The obscenity is certain from the results of the examination, the confession of our members and also the results of the initial examination from the woman that they went together and had made an appointment to go to the hotel. Until then, we are looking into it. Regarding the obscene act, the Head of Propam will explain later,” he said.

Regarding the alleged extortion of Rp. 30 million and the use of drugs by the police, according to Riko, this is still being investigated by Bid Propam.

Previously, it was reported that the North Sumatran Police Chief Inspector General RZ Panca Putra Simanjuntak dismissed the Kutalimbaru Police Chief AKP Hendri Surbakti, the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Kutalimbaru Police Ipda Syafrizal, and a number of members of the Kutalimbaru Police regarding the alleged immoral act against a detainee’s wife.

The alleged molestation was carried out in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra.

“I will act decisively. That’s why last night I removed the person concerned, including the police chief and the investigator,” said Panca, quoted from Medan Tribune, Tuesday (26/10/2021).

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