Often hear studies, this mulatto artist decides to become a convert

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Millen Patricia.  Photo: Instagram

French-Indonesian mulatto artist, Millen Patricia tells of the journey of converting from Christianity to Islam and becoming a convert. The role of Olive in the soap opera Tukang Ojek Pengkolan was born to parents of different religions.

His father was a Christian, while his mother embraced Islam. Since Millen was born, his father decided to become a convert. Since birth, Millen adheres to Christianity following the grandmother who raised him. So, what made Millen Patricia decide to convert to Islam? Check out the following reviews.

Artist mulatto Millen Patricia converted to Islam

Millen Patricia’s conversion journey began when she felt depressed because her parents were gone for good. Millen spends a lot of time with Muslim friends which makes him interested in the Muslim way of worship. Moreover, Millen said, he was never taught religion by his family since childhood.

“How come the way of praying is different from my own way because I myself was not taught about religion from a young age, actually with my family. I was only taught about religion after I got to know what the outside world is, I only learned about religion from 2014, since I started having a Muslim family, different religions from me,” said Millen Patricia, launching YouTube STARPRO Indonesia on Tuesday (28/12/ 21).

Millen Patricia. Photo: Instagram

It was only after growing up that Millen was taught a lot about religion by his Muslim family. He often follows Islamic studies with his aunt.

“I know about religion from them. So I feel like ‘how come it’s cool’, it’s different from my religion, I feel calmer when I listen to studies that my aunt often invites me to recite for the Koran, I often hear studies from the ustaz or ustazah, it’s cool, different, “he said.

Change religion 2016

In fact, Millen Patricia already memorized one of the letters in the Koran before finally becoming a convert to Islam in 2016. According to Millen, she is much calmer after changing religions.

Millen Patricia.  Photo: YouTube
Millen Patricia. Photo: YouTube

“Finally, I was able to make the decision to change my religion in 2016, a week before fasting. Because at that time I also felt, what can I do, I feel like this is what I need, I already memorized Al Fatihah from 2015 taught by my friends, “said Millen.

Although at first he had doubts, Millen Patricia’s decision to convert to religion was supported by his grandfather. “Just ask Opung ‘what if you change religion for example’ and Opung says ‘yes, it’s up to you, you’re an adult, you can make decisions for yourself, so if it’s the best decision for you, just take it’.”

In addition, Millen also claimed to have received guidance from God through three dreams. In the last dream, Millen was visited by a grandfather who asked him to pray while he was depressed.

“Millen’s last dream was that she was sitting on the terrace crying, she was really down, depressed, talking to herself is like talking to yourself. Grandpa visited him, his brother said, ‘Let’s pray, try it, how do you feel,’” concluded Millen Patricia.

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