10 Traditional Batak Artists Married, The Process Can Take Up To 7 Hours!

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10 Artists Married to Batak Traditions, Some Processions Take Up to 7 Hours!

There are various customs in Indonesia, we can see this one of them through the wedding procession. Of the many existing customs, Batak customs are often used in the marriage process of a number of artists, especially those who have Batak blood. So, who are the artists married to Batak customs?

10 Traditional Batak Artists Married, The Process Can Take Up To 7 Hours!

1. Judika Sihotang and Duma Riris Silalahi

From the name, it is known, yes, that both of them are from the Batak tribe.

Their love journey was difficult at first, because Duma’s mother did not approve of her daughter being close and dating singer Judika Sihotang. However, thanks to her patience and love for Duma, Judika did not give up.

After undergoing a courtship for 6 years, even had time backstreet also from Duma’s parents, both of whom were married on August 31, 2013. Duh, it’s really hard to resist the charm of Bang Judika’s voice, yes, Mother.

Their wedding was celebrated with the traditional Batak concept in Judika’s hometown, Balige, North Sumatra. Interestingly, when they left for the blessing at the HKBP Balige Church, the car they were traveling in was decorated with ulos, a traditional Batak cloth. Unique, yes!

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2. Raditya Dika and Annisa Aziza

10 Artists Married to Batak Traditions, Some Processions Take Up to 7 Hours!

Really, which of them are Batak, huh? Raditya Dika turned out to be from the Batak tribe, Mother. About 50 percent of Radit’s blood is Batak, taken from his father, Joeslin Nasution. The owner’s full name Dika Angkasa Moewarni Nasution married Annissa Aziza in May 2018.

Radit has shown the Batak feel in the photo pre-wedding-his. In the photo, both of them are wearing red Bataknese clothing, complete with accessories such as a headband, sortali, and ulos. Annissa is not Batak, but she is very beautiful, yes, wearing traditional Batak wedding clothes.

3. Nicola Reza Samudra and Momo Geisha

10 Artists Married to Batak Traditions, Some Processions Take Up to 7 Hours!

Nicolas Reza is not Batak, but he wants to run a traditional reception from his wife’s tribe, Momo ‘Geisha’. The young entrepreneur from Malang married a woman whose full name is Narova Morina Sinaga on April 8, 2017 in Malang.

Before holding a traditional party, of course Caca – as Momo’s husband calls her – must go through the process of giving the clan first. In this photo, does Caca look like a Batak man yet, Mother?

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4. Aufar Hutapea and Olla Ramlan, Artists Married to Bataknese customs

10 Artists Married to Batak Traditions, Some Processions Take Up to 7 Hours!

Actress and model Olla Ramlan married a young entrepreneur Muhammad Aufar Hutapea on December 20, 2012. The widow of one child –before marrying Aufar- followed the traditional procession of her husband, the Batak tribe.

During the traditional ceremony procession, Olla wore a white kebaya with a red Batak headband. Hmm, basically Olla is already beautiful, so even when she wears traditional Batak clothes she looks very beautiful, doesn’t she.

From this second marriage, Olla was blessed with a daughter named Aleena Naira Hana Hutapea.

5. Haries Argareza and Zivanna Letisha

10 Artists Married to Batak Traditions, Some Processions Take Up to 7 Hours!

Haries and Zivanna both come from the Batak tribe. Zizi – Zivanna’s nickname- is boru Siregar, while Haries is surnamed Harahap. After the Kabul consent was held at Zizi’s residence in Cilandak, South Jakarta, they held a traditional Batak reception typical of South Tapanuli.

Zizi’s chosen color theme is white and gold. White symbolizes purity, and gold was chosen to give it an elegant feel.

For her wedding dress, Putri Indonesia 2008 chose a colored kebaya peach equipped with a head accessory called headdress. While Haries wore a colored shirt and coat gold, also male head accessories called amp. Their headdresses are different from those worn by traditional Batak brides from North Tapanuli.

6. Indra Sinaga and Feby Siregar, Including Artists Who Married to Batak Traditions

Batak traditional wedding artist

Another Batak traditional married artist couple is Indra Perdana Sinaga and Feby Rizky Andhika Siregar. The couple, who had only been blessed with a child after 8 years of marriage, also used to get married in a traditional Batak reception.

At the wedding, which was held on January 27, 2012, they wore a typical Batak wedding dress in red. Just like Zizi and Haries, their traditional party also carries the theme of South Tapanuli.

7. Gerhard Reinaldi and Astrid Tiar

Batak traditional wedding artist

Actress and presenter Astrid Tiar Yosephine Panjaitan went up the aisle with her boyfriend Gerhard Reynaldi Situmorang. The man who works as a doctor married Astrid on July 22, 2012.

They performed a blessing at the Menteng HKBP Church, Central Jakarta. And after that held a reception with a very strong Batak traditional feel with the aim of preserving their ancestral customs.

Before the blessing, the two held a martupol or engagement ceremony at the HKPB Cengkareng Church, West Jakarta.

Currently, they have two daughters, namely Dialucita Annabel Estheressa Thiorina Situmorang and Isabel Althalya Natiar Situmorang.

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8. Bobby Nasution and Kahiyang Ayu

10 Artists Married to Batak Traditions, Some Processions Take Up to 7 Hours!

In addition to Javanese customs, the couple also carried out a traditional Batak wedding procession in Mandailing, South Tapanuli, where Muhammad Bobby Afif Nasution came from.

After giving Boru Siregar to Kahiyang Ayu, Bobby and Kahiyang will ask permission from the elder in the Mandailing tradition, Raja Panusunan Bulung, to beat the gordang sideways.

Usually this gordang is played to welcome the bride and the guests after giving the traditional title. At that time Bobby and Kahiyang were also given titles from the kings, namely the titles of Sutan Kumala Abdul Rahman for Bobby and Namora for Kahiyang.

9. Radhiant Siregar and Christy Cherrybelle, an artist couple who married a traditional Bataknese

Batak traditional wedding artist

Following the origin of the husband, Christy’s wedding reception used Batak customs. Dressed in a white kebaya, Christy looked so beautiful and stunning. The songket and scarf are also very good with matching patterns and colors.

To be able to enter the Batak tribe, Christy was given the surname as boru Simorangkir. Thus his name became Christy Saura Noela Unu Simorangkir. The two married on September 16, 2016.

10. Tobing and Valentina Turnip’s post

Batak traditional wedding artist

Not surprisingly, the uniform origin of the tribe was used as an excuse for them to hold a Batak traditional wedding reception. Band personnel The Winner he proposed to his girlfriend, Valentina HTJH who is a Batak girl from Yogyakarta, in June 2013.

Their wedding was held in one of the Batak party buildings in Jakarta, namely the Mulia Raja Building, Kebon Nanas. Mother, don’t be surprised, okay? At that time, the traditional Batak procession lasted for 7 hours. Wow!

That is a series of artists who are married to Batak customs. is there Parents who also uses Batak customs when they get married?

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