Ashanty’s story is positive for Omicron after the holidays, how do you feel?

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Ashanty (Markuat/

1NEWS – Vacation trip Ashanty with family to Turkey closed with bad news. Anang Hermansyah’s wife was tested positive for the omicron variant of covid-19.

Ashanty told that when he was about to leave Turkey, he had time to do a PCR test at the local airport. The result is negative. Arriving in the country, the mother of four children again did the test. Unexpectedly, he tested positive.

“How come I don’t have a bad throat, I’m like a binder huh. Then the usual PCR just. Come home healthy just. in the morning, I was given a positive result, huh? already,” said Ashanty, in the Pondok Indah area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (19/1).

Ashanty was quite surprised, because the symptoms he felt were very mild. “Why don’t I feel yes, have i not feel. I thinking, uh maybe later on the third or fourth day,” he continued.

Ashanty (Markuat/1NEWS)

During the quarantine process, Ashanty’s health condition did not decrease at all. He actually felt more fit.

“When you are isolated, you are even healthier, you don’t have a sore throat and no sore throat. No arrived cough, runny, fever, so yeah already Isolation in hospital for 10 days,” he said.

During the quarantine period, there are no activities that can be done Ashanty. Apart from worship, Ashanty also uses his time to read books.

Really worship, watching movies, so consider that moment as my time to rest,” said Ashanty.


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