Faisal Basri Says There is a Demonic Whisper of the Capital Relocation Project

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1NEWS – A senior economist from the University of Indonesia, Faisal Basri, said there were demonic whispers in the project to move the State Capital (IKN) to East Kalimantan.

Not only IKN, according to him, there are many government projects that contain whispers from groups that have certain interests.

This was conveyed by Faisal in the Public Expose of the IKN Bill on the PKSTV YouTube channel, Tuesday (18/1).

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“Not only is the New Capital City based on the ‘whisper of the devil’ or the whisper of the interest group or the whisper of the rent-seeking,” said Faisal.

Faisal then explained that he was not against the transfer of IKN to East Kalimantan.

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However, according to him, the transfer of IKN needs to be done with careful planning.

“We first prepare a good master plan, involving the community and so on,” said Faisal.

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Faisal also invited all parties to oversee the IKN transfer project to East Kalimantan.

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