News Flash ! First Day Release, Ben & Jody’s Movie Floods Positive Reaction

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As the opening Indonesian action film of the year, the Ben & Jody film which was widely released today (27/01), has received various positive comments.

The film, directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko and starring Chicco Jerikho (as Ben) and Rio Dewanto (Jody), is said to be a large-scale full-action film.

These positive comments did not only come from the general audience, but also from fellow artists and artists who had watched the film.

ben jody cinemags

Being the figure behind the IP (intellectual property) of the Coffee Philosophy which is the basis for Ben & Jody’s character, goddess
Sustainable revealed that,Ben & Jody is a friendship film with the best bromance chemistry between Ben (Chicco Jerikho) and Jody (Rio Dewanto)..”

Commenting on the action film, mate Iko Uwais (actor) and Audi Items (singer) says Ben &
Jody is a complete action film. “Ben & Jody were really exciting beyond expectations, everything was complete. There is
his archery weapons, pistols, daggers, and fighting choreography are quite detailed!

Recommend watching Ben & Jody at the cinema for a better viewing experience
best, senior Indonesian director Hanung Bramantyo say the film is a must watch. “Photography setup
good, fighting choregraphy detail, for me, this (Ben & Jody) deserves to be watched in cinema.”

Don’t miss it, actor couple Tara Basro and Daniel Adnan also share their impressions after
watch. “Ben Jody’s movie is exhilarating and very emotional!” Said Tara and Daniel.

The New Adventures of Ben and Jody That Are Separated from the Previous Movie

Ben Jody’s film offers Ben and Jody’s new adventure by carrying the action genre. Where this time the two characters played by Chicco Jerikho (Ben) and Rio Dewanto (Jody), will face a situation between life and death that they never imagined.

It is said that since leaving Filosofi Kopi, Ben, who is now actively defending farmer groups against the company, has disappeared. Jody as a loyal friend also goes on a quest to find Ben’s whereabouts.

This trip, confronts them both with a gang of illegal loggers led by Tubir (Yayan Ruhian). Until finally, Ben and Jody’s meeting with the traditional village group reopened their opportunity to fight. True friends, friends until death.

Telling about the action film genre, Angga Dwimas Sasongko as the director of the film Ben & Jody
say, “Ben & Jody is an adventure in IP development that is full of experimentation and courage. I consider this an interesting innovation to prove
as a continuous storytelling strategy, “said Angga.

Ben Jody cinemags
Ben & Jody, Currently Showing in All Indonesian Cinemas

Watch True Friendship, Friends Until Death Ben & Jody now in Cinema, January 27, 2022.


Since leaving the Coffee Philosophy, Ben (Chicco Jerikho) who is now actively defending farmers’ groups for
against the company, disappeared. Jody (Rio Dewanto) as his loyal friend also did
quest to find Ben’s whereabouts. This journey, confronting the two of them with
a life-and-death adventure against a gang of illegal loggers led by Tubir
(Yayan Ruhian). Until finally, Ben and Jody’s meeting with the traditional village group opened up
back their chance to fight. A true friend, a friend until death.

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