5 Reasons Why Kim Nam Gil’s Character Successfully Becomes a Criminal Profiler in Through the Darkness

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Kim Nam Gil Through the darkness

Drakor Through The Darkness received an overwhelming response from Korean drama lovers on Viu. This drama that raises the mystery of the criminal world presents a story about the process of solving complicated crime cases. A profiler named Song Ha Young (played by Kim Nam Gil) trying to find the perpetrators or clues in solving the case so that the victim gets justice.

Detective Kook Young Soo (Jin Seon Kyu) was the main initiator of the formation of the Criminal Behavior Analysis team at the Seoul Police. From the beginning, he intended to form this team, Young Soo had wanted to recruit Song Ha Young as a member. The reason is, Young Soo sees Ha Young’s potential to become a criminal profiler from the attitude he showed while investigating a crime case.

Here are 5 Ha Young’s attitudes that made him successful criminal profiler in a Korean drama series that airs every Saturday and Sunday on Viu.

1. Sensitive and empathetic

Ha Young’s attitude that was immediately seen since childhood was shown in the first episode. As a child, Ha Young accidentally fell into the lake and saw the drowned body of a woman. But instead of being afraid of seeing a corpse, Ha Young feels sorry for him. After the body was removed, little Ha Young approached and covered the woman’s legs so she wouldn’t get cold.

He also showed this sensitive and empathetic attitude as an adult and became a detective. Whenever there is a crime case, especially a murder, Ha Young always goes to the victim’s family first to start an in-depth investigation. Through the victim’s family, he tries to understand the victim personally so he can get more information about their daily lives and habits.

The attention he showed to the victim’s family made them want to talk openly to Ha Young. You see, Ha Young can show empathy, thus making her more human than most police officers who interrogate victims and their families like criminals.

2. Stubborn

When Young Soo talks about the Criminal Behavior Analysis team to his superiors, he immediately mentions Ha Young’s name as the team member who is the most targeted. The reason, Ha Young is more stubborn than him. Hearing this, Young Soo’s boss and colleagues immediately believe that Ha Young is a complicated cop, because it makes Young Soo feel defeated.

It’s not wrong, the hell, this estimate, because only Ha Young’s direct supervisor is angry and continues to face this detective. If he is not satisfied with the results of his investigation, Ha Young will not stop until he finds solid evidence to catch the culprit.

So, even though his boss told him to stop because the suspect had already been caught, Ha Young ignored him because he felt the real culprit was still on the loose. He doesn’t even care if he has to go against his superiors, break the rules, and have a bad name to get to the truth.

3. Never give up

Ha Young is the most unyielding police officer among his colleagues. When he finds a dead end, he will not stop looking, but try to find a way out. Even when confused, he still tries to find answers to all the questions in his head.

When he did not find any clues at the crime scene, he expanded the investigation area to other places related to victims and suspects. When he lacks investigation tools and data, he doesn’t hesitate to contact people who can help him. Although, the person is out of reach or who he should not meet.

Kim Nam Gil

4. Calm and flat-faced

This is also Ha Young’s strength that makes Young Soo jealous. Ha Young is very calm in dealing with all kinds of circumstances. Catching a criminal in action, he calmly reprimanded him, without fear of being attacked. Even when he was interviewing a cold-blooded killer, his face remained emotionless. Although, the villain had already provoked him to anger him.

When Ha Young was little, psychologists worried about her mental development because she was very good at hiding emotions. However, after Ha Young became a detective, her calm and calm face really helped the investigation, especially during the interview with the perpetrator who tried to read the emotions of the investigators.

Apart from dealing with the perpetrator, this calmness is also useful in dealing with colleagues and superiors who are trying to bring him down, as well as the media who can interfere with the investigation. You see, Ha Young’s flat face is difficult to predict and sometimes makes those who see it intimidated.

5. Strong instinct

Another thing that Young Soo admires about Ha Young is her strong instincts. In conducting an investigation into a serious murder case, Ha Young was not given a manual. He carried out and thought out the steps of the investigation by himself only by trusting his instincts.

Well, those instincts prove to be very strong, as almost every step he takes always leads him towards the latest clues. Ha Young also trusts her instincts so much that she never misses the chance to follow her, even if it sometimes leads to dangerous places.

This instinct also makes him a person who open minded. Ha Young always sees events and circumstances from various sides. So, he can judge objectively and non-judgmentally.

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