Aska Ongi is afraid of negative consequences if her child finds out Aliff Alli is the father – Latest Celeb News

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Aska Ongi and Aliff Alli separated in 2020. Since then, Allif Alli has no longer seen his son, Alyssa Ismillah Khan, until now the child is approximately 2 years old.

In his daily life, Aska Ongi apparently never told his son that Aliff Alli was his father. Hence, Alyssa also began to get used to living without a father figure.

Even so, when his son grows up and wants to meet his father, Aska Ongi will not stop him. And for now, she doesn’t want to meet her ex-husband.

“If his son wants to meet him, go ahead, but now he’s not looking for anything, even I once showed his face he (Aliff Alli) he called brother,” said Aska Ongi when met in the Kebayoran area, South Jakarta, Thursday (27/1).

“Never, I’ve never told Alyssa anything about him, why attract a negative aura,” he said.

Furthermore, Aska Ongi no longer wanted to open the door for Aliff Alli’s forgiveness as before.

“Forgive? It can’t be like that. Because how many times have you been forgiven for it,” he concluded.

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