Aska Ongi Opens Up About Aliff Alli’s Statement About Blocking Meeting Children – Latest Celeb News

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Aliff Alli’s statement regarding the difficulty of meeting his baby, Alyssa Ismillah Khan, until finally he did not provide a living was immediately commented on by his ex-wife, Aska Ongi.

Aska Ongi confirmed that he no longer wanted to meet Aliff Alli. Automatic, because the child is still small, so there is no chance to meet Aliff Alli.

“What for? Make a fight? Yes, I admit that I don’t want to meet you, if it’s a matter of living now in modern times, you can transfer, what era did he live in? Rock?” said Aska Ongi vehemently when met in the Kebayoran area, South Jakarta, Thursday (27/1).

“The child is still small and I don’t want to meet him anymore, if the child is older and wants to meet him please, don’t be with me,” said Aska Ongi added.

For matters of living, Aulia Fahmi, who is Aska Ongi’s lawyer, found it funny with Aliff Alli’s statement. Even though it is Aliff Alli’s obligation if he admits that the child is his flesh and blood.

“The name of a son if he feels he is a father, he has an obligation to provide for his child, if he really wants to fulfill his obligations, he just does it, don’t carry Aska around, ‘Oh, it’s Aska who wants it’,” said Aulia Fahmi.

Even so, Aska Ongi doesn’t really mind if Aliff Alli doesn’t want to provide a living for his son. He will fulfill all the needs of his only child.

“Yes, looking for money, anything, there are still many sources, especially in the digital era, yes, it’s easy. There is no (difficulty), before I met Aliff, I was alone,” he concluded.

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