The difference is Facial Foam, Gel, to Oil for washing your face. Which Skin is Suitable for You, Yes?

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type of cleanser

Face wash or facial wash now comes in various forms with their respective formulas. Starting from facial foam, cleansing gel, cream cleanser, until cleansing oil, all of which promise clean skin with no remaining impurities. The challenge is choosing a cleanser that suits your skin. Because each type of cleanser is also intended for different facial skin characters.

So that you don’t make the wrong choice in order to maximize the cleanliness and health of your skin, let’s find out about the various cleansers or face washes that are circulating in the market together Hipwee Tips.

1. facial foam is type cleaner The most widely used is the foamy texture and makes the face rougher

facial foam via carolinemayling

facial foam generally water-based and has a content that makes it foamy while lifting the rest of the dirt. Foam of facial foam It is also effective in removing excess oil on the face and makes the face more rough. Therefore, this type of face wash is suitable for you who have normal and oily skin.

For those of you who have dry and sensitive skin, avoid using it facial foam because it will make your facial skin drier and feel scaly.

2. Cleansing gel It has a light gel texture so it’s safe and doesn’t irritate problematic skin

type of cleanser

cleansing gel via divajournals

Due to its gentle and non-irritating formula, this gel-type face wash is recommended for those with oily, acne-prone, combination, or sensitive skin. It is also suitable for those of you who are active in sports because it can remove residual dirt and sweat effectively. If you have acne, choose cleansing gel which has anti-acne content, yes.

Before washing your face with cleansing gel, it’s a good idea to clean your face first, then wash your face and leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing it with water.

3. Cream cleanser is a non-foaming face wash that has a creamy texture and is able to moisturize facial skin

type of cleanser

cream cleanser via dessydiniyanti

This type of cleanser contains emulsion and natural oils that are able to remove dirt on the face without removing the oil layer on the skin. The formula is suitable for those whose facial skin tends to be dry or sensitive. Oil content in cream cleanser it is also able to lift the rest make-up to the maximum.

After washing your face with cleaner this, don’t forget to clean your face again with toner or facial wipes to make sure there is no residue left, huh!

4. Cleansing oil oil-based and has the property of ‘oil attracts oil’ which is able to absorb oil and dirt while nourishing the skin

type of cleanser

cleansing oil via laroche-posay

Type cleaner this is the most powerful for lifting make-up It also moisturizes the skin thanks to its oil content. When using it, you have to do a massage on the face so that the remaining dirt is really bound by the oil content. After applying it, you have to rinse it to the maximum, it is even recommended to keep using it cleansing gel or foam so that there is no more oil left on the face.

Make sure the products used are non-comedogenic Don’t clog pores and trigger acne.

Well, after knowing a brief explanation of the various face washes, I hope you can choose the product that suits your needs and skin type, OK!

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